Works of Elder B.W. Stone

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Book Information
Works of Elder B.W. Stone
A Few Discourses and Sermons (Original and Selected)

By Elder James M. Mathes
Volume I

Entered according to act of Congress in this year 1859, by James. M. Mathes, In the Clerks Office of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Indiana.

My Thoughts
I picked it up, one for the year 1859 (eighteen not nineteen) and that this book is specific to my church heritage because B.W. Stone is the Barton Stone from the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. I know it will be interesting when I read, as quoted from the pen of Barton Stone himself, things like:

“Yet are there thousands of precious saints in this system.”1

“The Methodist and Baptist preachers aided in the work, and all appeared united in it, – of one mind and one soul, and the salvation of sinners seemed to be the great object of all.”2

I find it specifically intriguing Stone’s choice of words because of the view and perception of “denominationalism” and “fellowship” I was taught. Stone willingly called other church-goers “saints” and he willingly associated with Baptists and Methodists. These make me have to reconsider some of the perceptions I was taught.

I have thought for some time I need to read these guys (B. Stone, A. Campbell) myself and see what they said; all I can say is that the thing my brethren have labeled as “progressive” within the cofc’s just might have some things right.

1. Stone using term “saints” when talking about those believing in Calvinism (page 18).
2. Stone about preaching that occurred on the third Sunday of August, 1801 (pages 18-19).

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