Parable of Wise Steward—The Explanation

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Who, what, where, when, why, Huh?
In my previous article I tried very hard to maintain that line between being so obvious as to insult the intelligence of my readers and being so cryptic as to confuse and frustrate them, I hope I succeeded. After reciting his parables, the Messiah would offer an explanation to those who asked. In that same spirit, I will attempt to provide in this article an explanation of the main thoughts and teachings intended through this parable.

Key words:
To begin, let me offer a few definitions of key words. You may have noticed that I capitalized them in the parable to be easier to see.

Home Society of Man
Foundations Principles on which societies are built
Landlord Steward
Something / Some residents Steward
Others / Other residents Steward
Young girl / mother / son Steward
Underminer Steward
Light Law(in general): the Truth which measures reality
Sun / Moon Natural Law: the God which is the source/author of Truth
Lamp Revealed Law: the Word of God which carries His Truth

Always question and test assumptions; if you are going to found your entire philosophy on a set of principles you had better make sure those foundations are true and can hold strong (1 John 4.1).

In this Parable the Foundations of the House were cracked and with the Light of his Lamp the Underminer revealed those dangers. The residents did not like that; instead of dealing with the problems of their Foundation they attacked the messenger (Galatians 4.16). The Underminer was trying to help; his act of destruction was an act of protection.

The residents were horrified and scarred by the events of the Underminer. However instead of dealing with the problem of those neglected Foundations they decided to deal with the appearance of the problem. A façade of perfection was created and residents were asked to have faith in that façade, not the foundations which supported it; and no one was allowed to Undermine that façade.

Here is a small continuation of the parable
The question now is how these people will react. Please keep these two Founding truths in mind as you read:

  • The residents hate the Lamp; in their minds it is the symbol of their Homes destruction, but the Light is the only thing keeping them alive. They need it.
  • There always comes a day that if you refuse to use the gifts your Creator gave you He will take it back and give it to people who will use it.
  •      o Parable of the wise and foolish Bridesmaids (Matthew 25.1-13)
         o Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25.14-30)

The residents cried and lamented the passing of their Home, but they vowed they would not relent. With the ashes of their Home they fashioned hovels of stone and moved in, their community would survive. The basement became the new parlor as they persisted in their mountain of concrete and wood. The smell of springtime flowers in the halls had been replaced by the stench of sweat, blood, feces, and decay. The only Light that pierced the thick darkness of their complex came from that Lamp. It was a constant scaring reminder of why they had been driven here and why they were driven to persevere.

They hated that Lamp, but the group gathered around it nonetheless; it was the only reminder of what once was. The Light of the Lamp was their only reminder of hope; the Light was safety, the Light was peace, the Light was survival.
They hated that Lamp, so the group avoided it whenever possible; it was a constant reminder of what now is. The Light of the Lamp constantly uncovered the truth of their situation; the Light exposed danger, the Light emboldened chaos, the Light revealed death.

Soon after the collapse, he returned; the Underminer. The wooden doors of their Home swung open and the Light of the Moon flooded into the complex. With his hammer he walked out of the night into the complex.

“Why are you here.” he stated, “Your Home is gone.”
“No!” the residents shouted in resistance. They would persevere despite his attempts to destroy them.

The Young mother stood bravely before the Underminer. Any fear she had of this man had died with her husband and their daughter. The Underminer was older as well, disheveled; his scars matched those of the homes he had destroyed. “Why are you here?” she asked clinging to her beloved son, “You undermined our Home and now you wish to destroy what little we have left!”
“This is no Home.” he told her. “I will build you a new Home, but this place must be destroyed first, I will not build on these Foundations.”

The Landlord spoke for his family. “I own this place, not you, I will say what will and will not be built here. I believe I can speak for everyone here when I say: as for me and my house we do not want a ‘new Home.’ we do not want ‘your Home,’ we want our Home, the one you destroyed. Now, if you have any shred of respect, mercy, intelligence, or honor you will leave us and never darken our doorway again.”

Seeing that in their hearts they would never relent he spoke: “Where is my Lamp.”
He intended to take it with him.
The residents were horrified. “We need it, it’s the only Light we have! What will you do with it?”
“I will give it to people who will actually use it.”

He refused to leave without the Lamp. Finally the residents acquiesced. The Young mother turned over the Underminer’s plunder and his final act of destruction was complete.

The Underminer once again left the residents to their own devices. The last glimmer of hope in the residents’ eyes faded as that the Light faded away and the thick darkness of their hovels consumed them. Without the Light they could not sustain themselves; eventually the Young mother and her young son would flee their beloved home into the Light of the night. The Light was safety, the Light was peace, the Light was survival.

May the LORD bless you and have good day.