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Why did the LORD create me?  He lavishes me with great gifts and constant blessings and I repay His every kindness with evil.  I am a horrible servant in a state of constant rebellion.  I am sorry for being such a horrible unfaithful creature.  I am filled with sin and have nothing to stand between me and my Just damnation except the eternal forgiving nature of YHWH who cleanses me with the blood of His Messiah.  I am sorry Yeshua for adding to your burden on the cross.  I feel so sorry for my Creator to have made such a creature as me in his own image just to see me everyday as I use the temple he made for me to show contempt toward His Holy Will.

I know the LORD keeps everything in His own time and it is not for me to question the potter, I trust that you will do what’s best for me and I want YOUR will, not mine, to be sovereign in my life.  YHWH, I know you can accomplish anything; my question is: What will you do?  I believe that you have a plan, I trust in you, but LORD help my unbelief, help my lack of trust.


You must be such a lonely god.  Constantly betrayed by your wife, whose life you saved and whom you had loved all her life.  Rejected by so many of your children.  Yet, so willing to heap mountains of Love and Adoration on all those who seek your companionship.  You have every right to burn with jealousy and I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how you can be so forgiving and merciful.  I suppose it’s the prodigal son; you’re just so happy when we return you can’t help but celebrate.  Only a true Father can love like that.  Thank-you.

I don’t want to abandon your side anymore, I don’t want to leave you, I want to stand with you.  Mold me Father, refine me in the fires of your righteous love.


YHWH, I know I have asked 10,000 times before, but please forgive this sinner for not trusting in you, for trusting in my own will, and in the will of the Adversary.  Please send your Son, your Messiah, Yeshua to sit on the throne of my heart.  Plant Him firmly in place, put my will in His benevolent dominion, and do not let even a finger move without His righteous approval.  YHWH, please fill me with your Holy Spirit until my cup is overflowing with zeal for you.  Let me shine like Moses with your presence.
It is in your Son Yeshua’s name I pray,