What can you tell me about baptism?

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By: Raymond Harris
Regarding Scripture: Topic of Baptism

It is frequent that this author receives questions. Questions that fit within the range of “Who am I?” to “What should I do?”. This is the birthplace of the following questions. With that in mind, I would like to provide twelve questions that allow the student to discover some things about baptism. This does not represent a “complete” and thorough study, but it does help one to have more knowledge about baptism and perhaps one’s response toward it. May the reader/student be blessed in their study.

12 Questions for Personal Prayerful Consideration of Baptism

1. For personal reflection, why do you want to be baptized?

2. What does Matthew 28.19-20 have to say about baptism?

  • What do you feel you need to learn before you are baptized?
  • When you learn what you feel you need to know, will you be baptized?
  • When you are baptized, there are three representations that are included, what are they?
  • Since one has to continue learning after baptism, should unlearned items prevent you from being baptized?
  • Do you feel that there is anything else in this passage that makes claims about baptism? If so, list them.

3. In Acts 2.38 what is said about baptism?

  • Do you feel that there is anything of which you need to repent? If so, what would it be?
  • What is promised to those who repent and are baptized?

4. In Acts 8.12-13, what occurred before Simon was baptized? Have you heard preaching of the kingdom of God? Do you believe those things?

5. In Acts 8.36 the eunuch asked if anything stopped him from being baptized, is there anything stopping you?

6. Acts 8.39 tells us how the eunuch felt after being baptized, how did he feel?

7. According to Acts 22.16, what does baptism do?

8. According to Romans 6.3, into what is one baptized?

9. According to Romans 6.4, how is one supposed to live after baptism?

10. What does Galatians 3.27 say about baptism?

11. According to Colossians 2.11-12, when one is baptized they are buried, since one is buried, by what power is one raised?

12. What does I Peter 3.21 say that baptism is? What is a conscience? What kind of answer does your conscience have? Are you ready to be baptized? Will you be baptized?

These questions are for meditation, reflection, prayer and study.
Personal answers and responses should be placed on another piece of paper.