Love Life and Good Days

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Most likely we all have met someone who really does not love life nor do they have good days. At the other end of the spectrum, we probably have met someone who loves life and has good days. Yet, we might consider ourselves to be stuck somewhere in the middle – thinking that we really don’t hate life, but we really don’t have good days either.

Let’s face it, sometimes life is just a dull routine. We might describe this situation as: fair to middlin’ or just so, so or not so hot. In using these descriptions, we don’t consider our life to be really bad, but we don’t consider it really good either. The question is how can we take our so, so life and make it worth the living? As with most things, it depends on our perspective.

I Peter 3.10-11 give us a prescription for loving life and seeing good days. In this passage we find that the person who loves life and sees good days does not speak evil, nor guile. In other words, this person abstains from speaking things that are depraved, harmful, injurious, wicked, and/or worthless and avoids crafty, subtleties that endeavor for selfish goals. We are not unfamiliar with this behavior. It goes on all around us, from classmates, to coworkers, to celebrities, politicians, and shall I dare say, even Christians.

Additionally, I Peter tells us that a prescription for loving life and seeing good days means eschewing evil and doing good. In other words, one turns away, declines, and/or shuns the same kind of evil mentioned previously. But shunning is not enough, one has to do good – meaning one must carry out, or execute things that are agreeable, distinguished, excellent, honorable, joyful, pleasant, and upright. We are also familiar with this behavior. We look up to people with these qualities, applaud them, and hopefully, want to emulate their behavior.

Furthermore, I Peter tells us that a prescription for loving life and seeing good days means that one will seek peace and ensue it. In other words, one will desire, aim and strive for harmony, quietness, rest, and tranquility and will run swiftly to achieve it, pursuing it with earnest. Unfortunately, we are not always well acquainted with this behavior. Many, if not most, people, in manners of opinion, would rather fight and pursue their own persistent belief than give-in and allow peace. Why? Because I have to be right – at all costs. How unfortunate. Yet, how appropriate. If we want to really love life, and see good days, we must be attentive to all aspects of this passage, which includes pursuing peace. It is not by accident that God has included this aspect.

As we close, loving life and having good days also comes from I Peter 3.12 – God sees the righteous and hears their prayers. As we continue this week, may we, if we have not yet begun, begin; and if we have begun, continue to love life and have good days.