Finding the Bright Chords

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Granted, not every conversation is difficult or nerve wracking, but have you ever had difficulty finding the right words to say to someone? Were you nervous about the conversation? Were you anxious about the conversation? Have you ever been hesitant to speak with others? Perhaps you have hesitated because you cautiously construct your thoughts prior to speaking. Or, perhaps you have hesitated because you believe your grammatical skills might not be up to par. For whatever reason, there are times that we have trouble finding the right words.

Would it comfort you to know that Scriptures record one of the greatest leaders as having self-proclaimed speech difficulties? In Exodus 4.10, the KJV says that Moses was not eloquent, and that he was slow of speech and slow of tongue. Let’s move this verse up to 21st century America. The Hebrew word for eloquent refers to speech and words, interestingly enough one translation renders Moses statement as: “I am not a man of words.” Somehow, Moses believed he could not find the right words. We all experience this from time to time, not having the right words. But let’s not stop there.

Moses also claimed he was slow of speech and slow of tongue. The Hebrew word for slow means heavy. The Hebrew word for speech means mouth, while tongue means tongue. Have you ever heard someone with a heavy mouth and tongue? Absolutely no offense is meant to those who have this speech impediment, but until one becomes accustomed to hearing a heavy speech pattern, it can be difficult to understand. So Moses believes first, he can’t find the right words; and second, he has a speech impediment. Oddly enough, up to this point in Moses life he does not appear to have let his struggle for proper words or his heaviness of tongue bother him. But what is our application?

There are times where we are uncomfortable with a speaking situation. Just consider how many people fear public speaking. People can become so fearful about speaking in front of others that there are books and businesses that address the issue with the promise that your fear of public speaking cured. As a side note, perhaps our dread of finding the right words is one reason why we do not resolve disputes with our brethren (Matthew 5.21-24; 18.15-20). Nonetheless, speaking, like walking, running, driving, hunting, crafting, gaming, and every other task, becomes easier the more often it is done. Some conversations are easy; others are arduous; still, others are embarrassing. Yet we can improve.

You might be thinking, “How can we improve?” One of the blessings God gave Moses was an assistant, his name – Aaron. If you have trouble with speaking, have you considered asking someone to help you? To speak for you? May be to help clarify your thoughts to someone? If not, why not? Indeed, you may not need assistance. But remember, we all have been given talents, gifts if you will, from God. If you need someone to help present your thoughts, ask a brother/sister to help you. If you are a Christian who has a talent for speaking, have you considered helping others? Remember, our goal is not just heaven, but learning how to live peaceably with each other. May God bless each of us.