Praying for Deliverance

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Brethren, as I read Psalm 3 my mind took notice of David’s cry of “Arise, O LORD; Save me.” Save him from what? Those that have increased and troubled him, the ESV renders that David’s foes were many and rising against him. The man after God’s own heart was facing anguish and strife and pleaded for God to assist him.

Since I am no king, no leader of a nation, no leader in any political sense, I have never felt the wrath of those who would seek to destroy me by conquering me. Yet, at times I have felt that I have enemies; you may be familiar with the type. The enemy that I am familiar with is the group or the individual who seems determined to defame my character, to destroy my esteem, to tear down my personal wealth, all the while claiming that I am doing one or all of those things to them.

Brethren, sometimes we have to face terrible trials of our faith, our character, and our determination. It seems that enduring it provides absolutely no ounce of joy. Unfortunately, I have not always depended on God to deliver me from my enemies. I have turned to friends, to family, and, at times, to others – hoping that they would be a “saving grace” – hoping they would provide protection – hoping, at least, they could give me a graceful retreat from my enemy.

But, what I see in Psalm 3 is that I, and perhaps you, had placed hope in the wrong deliverer. We need to be like David and place our hope in God as The Deliverer from our enemies.

Are we, like David, praying that God will shield us? Are we praying that God will lift up our heads? Are we praying that God will sustain us? We should pray this way because salvation belongs to the LORD.