God’s Glory and Man’s Honor

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This week’s lead article takes its title from what the publisher of a copy of the New Testament and Psalms entitled Psalm 8. Their title speaks well of the intent of Psalm 8 and how marvelous God is and just special humanity is.

We live in a society that diligently tries to prove that humanity is nothing more than a highly intelligent animal that evolved from a pool of goo. It seems that this influence is powerfully insurmountable. However, the underlying weakness of evolution is that each human desires that their life have purpose and value.

David, the assumed writer of Psalm 8, through inspiration of God, records that humanity is not an evolved creature, not an animal like the canine and feline, nor an animal with just a little more intelligence. Psalm 8 records that humanity is unique.

God, through His handiwork, created the heavens, the moon and stars, but our God did not stop there. He created humanity. Humanity is not a specimen in a lab, but a being, a creature just a little lower than the angels, or the heavenly beings (ESV). What an awesome honor we have.

Humanity did not evolve from a single cell organism, nor did we crawl onto the land from the sea. Man and woman were created by God to have dominion over the world. We have God’s authorization to have dominion over the animals, the very things that God Himself placed on this earth.

Why does man have purpose and value, because God gave us a place of honor, and with that we are able to glory God as Creator, and Sustainer.