Who will live with God?

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Regarding Scripture: Psalm 15.1-5

This week’s focus is on Psalm 15. This Psalm is ascribed to David, and within it he asks the question, “who shall sojourn in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?” David refers to God in the third person by using “thy” and from these questions comes the title for this article: Who will live with God?

It seems most interesting to me that this is the exact question that almost all people ask. They, we, and/or I may use different words like: “If God is love, will He save everyone?” or “If God is a God of compassion why does evil exist?” Who will live with God?

The answer is not difficult to locate because the psalmist answers the questions he himself ponders. What is difficult is the application of the answer, because the answer reveals that not all people will live with God.

In answering the question, the psalmist describes three actions/deeds that will not be done. The person who lives with God will not:

  • · Use his tongue to backbite (slander-ASV)
  • · Do evil to his neighbor (friend-ASV)
  • · Take up a reproach (spread rumors-GNB) against his neighbor

The ramification of these statements is that if a person engages in these activities they are not living with God. They have chosen to reject God as their spiritual Father and ultimately they will not live eternally with God.

However, abstaining from these activities will not guarantee that a person will live with God. The psalmist says that the person who wants to live with God must do something.

The psalmist states that the person who lives with God:

  • · Walks uprightly (blamelessly-ESV)
  • · Works righteousness (does what is right-ESV)
  • · Speaks the truth in his heart
  • · Contemns a vile person (despises a reprobate-ASV)
  • · Honors those who fear God
  • · Swears to his own hurt
  • · Changes not
  • · Lends money without charging usury (interest-ASV)
  • · Takes no reward (bribe-ESV) against the innocent

In closing, who will live with God? Using the words of one translation:
Those who obey God in everything and always do what is right, whose words are true and sincere, and who do not slander others. They do no wrong to their friends nor spread rumors about their neighbors. They despise those whom God rejects, but honor those who obey the LORD. They always do what they promise, no matter how much it may cost. They make loans without charging interest and cannot be bribed to testify against the innocent.

The beautiful confidence that the one who lives with God has is that they will never be moved meaning they will always be secure. Secure throughout life and secure in living eternally with God.