2012 Preview

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Okay, the last few months have been, well lengthy. Several things have happened, here is some if it:

1. After much prayer, emotional turmoil, and spiritual wrangling I have decided to no longer allow voices within my heritage to keep me from speaking those things which I have learned. There is truth beyond what we have learned, to believe otherwise, to preach otherwise, to demand otherwise, cripples both the growth of the church and the spread of the Gospel. To use a phrase I learned this year, “The One who spoke, still speaks.”

2. I have decided not to accept being “disfellowshipped”. Emphatically, I am not a false teacher, nor am I a change agent. I simply resound the Restoration Plea that being to find and be the first century church. Doing so challenges the assumptions of many in the Church of Christ. While I have limited my direct involvement, I am doing exactly what I was taught: study the bible; seek the first century church; and humble myself to God’s correction, through his Scriptures, both in my worship and discipleship.

3. I took the last few months to write and prepare another manuscript. This manuscript examines the Hermeneutical Method of the Church of Christ and why I am no longer persuaded that it works. Like the theological series, I will be releasing the manuscript in segments.

4. I have been visiting with a group of Messianic Jews who assemble at Baruch HaShem. While there, I have been blessed to see many things that after some investigation, I believe resemble things from the first century. I hope to reveal some of these in the future.

5. I believe that God has led me to migrate many things to and begin Faith and Conviction as a new ministry. I have established a Faith and Conviction Facebook Page that will receive updates and other posts. I ask my readers to go to Faith and Conviction, bookmark the website, and visit the Faith and Conviction Facebook Page, and “Like” the page.

6. At this moment, I believe that I am in a major test of faith which began the Friday of Christmas weekend. There are several others who are involved in this test with me, but we seem to be drawing closer together. It is my prayer that God through the Messiah leads us through this difficulty and that a miraculous testimony awaits.


In the coming year, I have many things that I hope that God will allow me to complete and continue.

1. I have another manuscript that needs completion. This particular manuscript examines The Lord’s Supper. In doing so, I use the Hermeneutical Method taught by Michael J. Gorman. In short, this lengthy manuscript reveals why I can no longer practice worship as I was taught. It will reveal my study methods, the lengths to which I study, and the lengths to which I go to rethink every doctrinal position I was ever given.

2. I will begin a new section on Raymond Harris. This section is specifically designed for those Christians and people who have attended the church of Christ and have, for one reason or another, decided to no longer attend. In the coming days I will give more detail.

3. I will be laboring in personal ministry, corporate ministry with Baruch HaShem and laboring with Faith and Conviction in order to reveal some beautiful truths from the roots of our ancient faith.

May YHWH bring bountiful blessings to this ministry, to my family, to families that are struggling with me, the church, and may the boundaries of spiritual ignorance and spiritual apathy be pushed back, and may the successes of the adversary be crushed.

Shalom to all