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Back in the 2012 Preview I said I would be making my Thesis available in segments. Because of the amount of editing that goes into making it presentable for the Internet, I have decided to make the Thesis available in one document.

I wrote this thesis during the last six months of 2011, and finalized it during the early weeks of 2012. Many weeks were spent meditating, praying, and thinking how to best phrase things, how best to speak about the things I have learned. So I edited, re-edited, had preacher peer feedback, and then spent more time revising again.

To me there is an unfortunate side to publication, it is the time involved to prepare and release a manuscript. I am not truly self-publishing because I am not making this a book, per se. Hours were spent in proofing, yet I feel certain that my thesis contains spelling, grammatical, and miscellaneous formatting errors, and other issues that detractors will find; at this point I am so ready to complete the project, I say, “forget it!”. I am one man doing the best I can, so errors remain.

Who is the intended audience? Preacher-types, and other theologians, specifically church of Christ theologians. This thesis seems to go contrary to the popular notions of modern theological writings: emotionalism and existentialism; in other words, what I see as just-feel-good-and-ignore-the-issues-Christianity.

This thesis requires much time from the reader. It requires the reader to go beyond devotional reading. It requires the reader to go beyond existential existence. It has the prerequisite that the reader cares to know why the church of Christ has its problems. It has the prerequisite that the reader wants to get the information behind the arguments. I offer no other apology for the material. This Thesis combined with the Theological Series establish why I am so frustrated with my church heritage.


Here is the Title:
a thesis concerning the Old Testament

examining a portion of the church of Christ hermeneutic:
“The Old Testament has no authority for church practices”
for consistent use of the Old Testament


The Thesis is available here.
This material is provided free of charge.