Theology Series in Manuscript

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The contents of this manuscript originated as a Web-series between January 2011 and April 2011. But after spending many weeks and months away from the series, a thought occurred to me to take that series into manuscript format.

While preparing the series for manuscript, I took the opportunity to re-arrange the contents. The contents are arranged making more evident the contrast between Dispensation and Covenant Theologies, the same for Replacement and Olive Branch Theologies, and Cessation and Continuation Theologies.

To me, it seems that many feel that “theology” belongs only to preachers, ministers and “theologians”. Theology is important to every person who attends church, and every individual who calls themselves a follower of Messiah Jesus. Theology is not simply an academic pursuit, best left in the hushed-halls of Bible thinkers. I have yet to meet a Disciple who was not also a theologian. Every believer believes something about God, Messiah, and the Church, but not all know the theological category/categories that affect and influence their belief structure.

As I sought to understand arguments within Christendom, I was blessed to have a better understanding of Theology, and its powerful influence on Church doctrine. I encourage my readers, to download the manuscript, and consider my thoughts. My best efforts are given to reveal the essence of how I believe each Theological perspective is attempting to interpret Scripture, and why I agree or disagree. It is my hopes that the relevance of Theology is seen, yet is delivered in an understandable manner.

Blessings and Shalom

Raymond Harris


Here is the Title:
Theology: My Assessment of Six Theological Viewpoints


Olive Branch



The Thesis is available here.
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