Considering My Heritage

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Considering My Heritage – Part 1 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 1 of 6
In this bold video series Minister Harris bears his soul regarding the strengths and weaknesses of his Church Heritage and his experiences within Christendom itself. He urges, his listeners, and in particular, his heritage to hear Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell.


Considering My Heritage – Part 2 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 2 of 6
In this segment, Minister Harris brings the words of Alexander Campbell, utilizing the Preface from Campbell’s New Testament translation. Included are concepts about English Bible translations; the importance of using Greek and Hebrew; awareness of idioms within languages; and the uniqueness of the Greek Bible.


Considering My Heritage – Part 3 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 3 of 6
In this segment, Minister Harris appeals to his heritage’s strengths and takes his heritage’s weaknesses head on, working to restore a sense of understanding of the New Testament. He pleads with listeners to recognize the power and prestige of the Jerusalem Church, the first First Century Church; to recognize the power of God to work in people and within the church; and to recognize that God is neither conservative nor liberal He is Righteous.


Considering My Heritage – Part 4 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 4 of 6
In this segment, Minister Harris, with the passion that comes only through refined study and diligent deliberation, thrusts head on into difficult Bible territory. Within the context of the Law of Faith, he reveals the importance of the Old Testament, coming to an understanding that Love is the completion, the fulfillment, of Law; and he reveals that Paul gave an example of how to use the Old Testament, even though Paul knew all Disciples partake of the New Covenant.


Considering My Heritage – Part 5 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 5 of 6
In this segment, Minister Harris shows how he has been tending to the Garden of the Kingdom, laboring to learn the First Century Church, and through the Roots of Christendom has drawn Living Water. He describes why the “Restoration Movement” holds truthful concepts; that the New Testament routinely refers to the Old Testament; and discusses the constant struggle between Bible meaning and tradition and that Jesus fulfills both Scripture and Tradition.


Considering My Heritage – Part 6 from koheleth72 on GodTube.

Part 6 of 6
In this segment, Minister Harris celebrates the liberty within his heritage; and the unique strength of non-denominational churches. He seeks a church that recognizes the power of understanding the First Century Church allowing us to better address our modern circumstances. He also vows to work to Restore Love for God and Love for Neighbor; and concludes with a call for Peace.