A Message For Ray

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The Lord is going to expand the horizons of his [Ray’s] ministry. Like I saw his ministry represented by a tent that used to be the Tabernacle of the LORD and then it’s like this explosion happened and the tent stakes flew up and the sides of the tent just blew out and there are no walls now. And it went out to the horizons where the hills meet the sky as far as the East and the West – it just got bigger – it got huge.

But first, the thing I saw that caused that explosion was a little black wood stove that had a fire glowing in it. And that represented his ministry and that’s the way he thought church should be, but then I saw the hands of the Lord reach down and pick up this little black stove with the fire in it and throw it into a lake of fire that caused this huge explosion and that’s what ministry is really supposed to be like and God’s going to expand his realm of acceptance of different types of ministry, different modes of operation in ministry, different ways that the hand of God can move and touch people, different ways people respond to the anointing of God.

It’s all so vast and vivid and diversified that you can’t put the operation of God in a box. He will break the mold off any box that is formed because God has a new and different way of doing things. And God is powerful and active and capable of moving among His people and within His people. And physical manifestations are a real expression of God touching a human life, and all those things are God’s will, He sets people free in those ways, He imparts giftings to people in those ways.

The gifts of the Spirit are going to begin to operate in his ministry. He [Ray] is the person who’s going to introduce lots of people into the operation of the gifts of the Spirit and then they are going to begin to minister and prophesy in the gifts of the Spirit. So, the generations are going to rise up after him of people that he introduces to the fullness of the realm of God, walking with God in the realm of His Holy Spirit operating in people’s lives.

The possibilities are limitless and there are no boundaries, there are no confines on the extent to which his ministry will reach. In Jesus’ Name.

Let’s see… but there is something else I feel like the Lord wants to confirm to him. I’m hesitating because it has already been said, the Lord spoke it, don’t put Him in a box; be accepting of the way the Holy Spirit moves in people’s lives, it’s okay, manifestations of the Holy Spirit are a good sign that the ministry is being effective. Amen.

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The above was received November 22, 2010.

I want to reveal something very important about that Message, I was not even present when this Message was spoken. It was received by Mary, she recorded it, then wrote it down and gave it to me. At that point in my faith, I refused belief in modern “words from above”. However, as my journey has wound its way since November 2010, by no active seeking of my own, I have seen many of these things come to pass. I recorded that Message in my personal journal December 2010, but I was suspect, yet here I sit.

I can tell you that since that time, I have seen several things come to pass. God has destroyed my little black stove ministry, shown me to accept various ministries – ministries I would have never even considered possible or permissible – these are the very ministries He wants done – He truly exploded (destroyed and expanded) my understanding of ministry. God dissolved certain religious and social boundaries proving they are not His, and that He is truly Active.

The Message says that the ministry will be limitless, I can see this coming to pass, but currently is not fully operational, but I can see God putting the pieces together. And I have certainly come to appreciate that God involves Himself in people’s lives as He sees fit, not as how I believe or how I was taught, God is supreme and does what ever He wants, for His glory.

In reflection, I find it amazing that this Message is so poignant. The message connects my ministry revealing the motif connecting Moses and Messiah, the physical tabernacle to the living tabernacle, revealing how important both Moses and Messiah Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are.