Year 1 Quarter 1

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These classes and the associated materials were originally itemized as I attended School from July 2004 through June 2006. At some point following graduation, I removed the information. However, I have reconsidered the value and I believe the information beneficial. After prayer and meditation, I decided to make the material available again beginning August 2013. I do so because while I have changed my theological pillars for interpreting scripture, this material contains a major section of my scripture study.

The materials consist of several sources. The primary source is me, making my own compilations of my notes into PDF documents. However, I do not claim full credit, there other sources. Some of the material came from other classmates because we as a class worked collectively (something encouraged), assisting each other with things like examination reviews. Some of the content comes from instructor outlines provided during the course of instruction.

As a student and as a searcher with questions, I lay myself before the audience. While I had attended church, taught Bible classes and participated in and lead the youth group, this schooling represents the official instructional orientation of my walk in my religious heritage – the major start to my path of scripture study. As such, this information reveals the classes I took, and a significant portion of the work accomplished during my formal religious instruction.

This information is provided for the betterment of all students of scripture. Keep in mind, there is no one ultimate human source for scripture study. I include these items from my studies because I did so previously, and so my readers can have the best possible picture of the religious concepts I have studied. I will be forever grateful to those who helped me learn. To my instructors and fellow classmates, I say thank you. If interested, my examination, quiz and transcript grades can be found within my Monthly Updates.

This bible school information, along with the writings found on this website, help reveal the path of my scripture study: where I begin (2004) and where I am (2013) – ten years of journey. Use the information. Study. Man’s teachings are ALWAYS to be tested against God’s word. May readers, researchers and the like find this information helpful and a blessing.

Always “…study to show thyself approved…”

Items Listed According to Class

Genesis – Chapters 1-25

Memory Verses
Chapter Outlines (chapters 1-25)
Class Notes
Review Exam I – Questions
Review Exam I – Questions and Answers
Review Exam II – FINAL – Questions
Review Exam II – FINAL – Questions and Answers


Memory Verses
Chapter Outlines
Final Exam – Essay Format
Class Notes Unavailable – they were hand written.
Exodus Sermon Outlines

Matthew – Chapters 1-14

Memory Verses
Chapter Outlines
Class Notes
Essay Questions
FINAL – Questions
FINAL – Questions and Answers
Matthew Sermon Outlines


Memory Verses
Chapter Outlines
Class Notes
Research Paper on Parables
Exam I – Questions and Answers
Exam II – Questions
Exam II – Questions and Answers
Exam III – Questions
Exam III – Questions and Answers
Exam IV – Questions
Exam IV – Questions and Answers
Mark Sermon Outlines

Introduction to Old Testament

Was the ark big enough to accomplish its purpose?
Review Notes Exam I

Introduction to New Testament

Review Notes Exam I are the following books:

Review Notes Exam II are the following books:

Review Notes Exam III are the following books:

Review Notes Exam IV are the following books:

Bible Geography

Review Exam I

Christian Doctrine

Class Notes
Review Exam II – Questions
Review Exam II – Questions and Answers
Review Exam III – FINAL – Questions
Review Exam III – FINAL – Questions and Answers

Personal Skills Development

400-word essay regarding Zig Ziglar’s “Goals”
Chapter 1 and 2 Outlines for How to read a Book
Review Exam – FINAL – Questions
Review Exam – FINAL – Questions and Answers