My Religious Training

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The school where I received formal religious training had, as part of its program, an extensive Student Manual setting forth School rules, regulations and such. This document codified things like hair length, facial hair, school attire, along with other requirements. Attendance at this particular school required one’s full attention.

For full-time students, which I was, having employment outside of school was not permissible because it simply was not practical. My full-time school hours began in the morning and finished in the afternoon, then I went home. Home meant grabbing dinner, sharing precious time with the family, then studying until somewhere between 10:00pm and 1:00am most days.

As a full-time student, the school was my full-time work. Thus, in order to attend I had to raise the required funds to support my family and me. We traveled Texas in order to receive that help, I remain forever grateful to the individuals and churches who supported my family and me while I was in school.

Since, full-time students were financially supported and thus free to study and not worry about financial obligations, the School, properly – I might add, required the student body to send quarterly correspondence to supporters. That meant that the student body was required to contact their supporters a minimum of eight (8) times during their time at School. The schooling was divided into four quarters per year over a two-year program.

I ramped up the correspondence requirement. I had a personal goal of sending monthly correspondence. That was MY goal, not the School’s. The School required me to communicate only eight times with my supporters. Eight did not seem adequate for me, I sent a total of twenty-five (25) correspondence letters, called Monthly Updates.

In addition to monthly correspondence and prior to attending Bible School, I bought the URL and thus used it to chronicle my journey. While the blog posts are no longer available, I have continued to use the website. So as of August 2013, I am reissuing my Bible School work, along with my Monthly Updates and my Class Bulletin Articles.

As a very personal note, I never really ever interpreted my bible instruction as the end of my studies. That instruction was merely the beginning. An awesome, intense, beginning to a rewarding journey. The tools given me then, still guide my study today.

Finally, I will always be thankful for the time and those willing to financially assist my family and me so that I could learn from an intense study program. Thank You.

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