Monthly Updates

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Like I stated in the information for 2004-2006 Bible School I ramped up the correspondence requirement. I had a personal goal of sending monthly correspondence. That was MY goal, not the School’s. The School required me to communicate only eight times with my supporters. Eight did not seem adequate for me, I sent a total of twenty-five (25) correspondence letters.

Within that correspondence, I provided a written monthly update, the classes that I was taking, grades for examinations and quizzes, a memorable quote, along with other information I believed helpful. I took correspondence seriously, because without my supporters I could not have been free to study God’s word.

Later, for variety in my monthly correspondence, I included, one Class Bulletin Article per month, which lasted about a year. While I never received feedback, I saw that bulletin as a simple way of informing my supporters of at least one type of class project I had to accomplish.

Prior to classes, which began in July 2004, I already had individuals and congregations helping us. Which simply means that before my time of instruction officially began, I already had supporters. Thus, I began sending letters in June 2004 and ended my correspondence June 2006. Here are links to the 25 correspondence letters I sent to my individual and congregational supporters while in school:
1. June 2004
2. July 2004
3. August 2004
4. September 2004
5. October 2004
6. November 2004
7. December 2004

8. January 2005
9. February 2005
10. March 2005
11. April 2005
12. May 2005
13. June 2005
14. July 2005
15. August 2005
16. September 2005
17. October 2005
18. November 2005
19. December 2005

20. January 2006
21. February 2006
22. March 2006
23. April 2006
24. May 2006
25. June 2006