Happy Birthday

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This was originally published August 30, 2010 on Facebook as a Note. But I publish it here, to help tell about my faith journey.

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Good morning.

I thank YHWH, the one true living God who has given me this day, and The Anointed, the Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth for providing me hope.

Good Morning America; Good Morning Facebook.

I set here on my birthday, wondering where my life will go. I am relieved, yet disheartened all at the same time. It seems like something new is waiting for me, but I feel like a new-born child. A new-born that has by mother, self, and God-given instincts, made a journey that leaves behind a type of comfort and sustenance, to arrive naked into a world full of noise, chaos, intrigue, and wonder; and not yet able to focus my eyes on the world around me. What does this “new world” possess? Into whom will I become?

If life is a journey, the journey is not done. Yet, no two people have the exact same journey through life. Even husband and wife, once two separate people having become one, united in the journey of life, do not experience the journey the same; if for no other reason than one is feminine and the other masculine.

Like a new-born baby that needs sleep after the arduous task of delivery, I too need rest; but I know that I am not a new-born, but a adult. An adult that has personhood responsibilities to God, self, family, and others. Responsibilities that have decreased, yet increased, that have remained, yet changed.

Does truth need defense, or does it stand because of its own nature? I prefer the latter over the former. Truth is my life is different, and its my birthday. Where will God take me from here?