Encouraging Words

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This was originally published December 12, 2010 on Facebook as a Note. But I publish it here, to help tell about my faith journey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had an encouraging word from someone today. Since I consider Jehovah to speak through people and the Scriptures, I try to pay close attention and take serious the things said. One of the things said was that I should take a sabbatical from full-time ministry. This sounds crazy; but I think it is in line with other things from this year. In late August or early September, I determined to take a year-long sabbatical from lengthy in-depth studies, this sabbatical from full-time ministry seems to fit in line. So I am wondering if the sabbatical from full-time ministry will end before or in August/September?

I will be meditating and praying more about this, but as I begin the close of the day, I am thinking that it seems proper to find some work within Banking/Finance, rest for the coming weeks, and see where Jehovah leads.

I ask for your prayers in this matter.

P.S. Forgot to add that the encourager prayed with all of my family asking for God to guide us and help us. It really was a beautiful moment.