profound moments

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This was originally published April 1, 2010 on Facebook as a Note. But I publish it here, to help tell about my faith journey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are few profound moments in one’s life and I got to experience another one last Tuesday. Following a beautiful, blessed and shalom filled evening I was able to speak with another believer in Christ, but this believer would call the Messiah by Yeshua because this believer is Jewish.

It was not meeting my Jewish brother that was profound, no; even though we both exchanged pleasantries and expressed our equal willingness to learn from each other. It was his closing comment that brought tears to his eyes and mine, he calmly collected himself and said very plainly to me, “thank you for making me jealous.” We hugged and embraced as brothers as only believers can, we broke our embrace and he walked toward his next moment in life.

My eyes tear at the memory. Life is beautiful. Spirit is beautiful. Faith in the blessed Messiah is beautiful. While it is so profound to my ears and heart to hear his message, I must proclaim that I am so thankful that salvation is from the Jews. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.