Installment 80

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In my interactive prayer on December 15, 2013 I was led to use my tallit, remove my shoes and not give a blessing. In that prayer I asked: How was my article “God’s Preference; Humanity’s Choice”?

In my journal, I recorded the above. I think that question refers to this “God’s Preference and Marital Theology”. To which, I received some questions from a Correspondent, I wrote that Correspondent, and then provided an addendum: Discussion: God’s Preference and Marital Theology”.

So, for me, it is difficult to be certain, but my certainty is not nearly as important as the Divine’s response. The Divine answered my question:

It could have been stronger, stronger in the regard of what I really prefer. I really prefer the model to follow after my creation, Adam and Eve, that is what I want emphasized.

Think about that. In telling “My Story” I have been writing about how the Divine has led me to understand that polygyny is acceptable, permitted, and where I am headed. Yet, here it is, the Divine is also making it perfectly clear that one husband with multiple wives is NOT the preferred marriage. That alone seems like enough for my critics to not only censure me but disassociate from me.

Yet the counterpoint has to be that I am being completely unbiased in this discussion. God permits one man to have multiple wives. I emphasize that permission. But I don’t go around acting like it’s anything more than permitted.

The Divine’s response made me uncomfortable. So I asked: Okay. Then what am I doing exactly with a one-husband-more-than-one-wife marriage? The Divine responded:

You need it, the world doesn’t.

Now, for me, that is a heart-stopper. But that is exactly why so many have difficulty with the husband having more than one wife, because so many in the world don’t need that marriage. That is a sobering perspective.

So what does it mean that I need it? That is a difficult question.

I will give an insight into my need of it, but in doing so, I open myself in a way that is entirely uncomfortable, but I do so in order to be transparent.

The Divine made it clear that it is I who need it. First, there are lots of men who have multiple wives, but I cannot say what their need is. So I am answering for myself, not them.

My need goes back to, at least, my prayers when in pulpit ministry. I needed something more rewarding that the labor of pulpit ministry. I have written elsewhere about those things. I will not spend time discussing that here.

Yet, I have the heart to minister. I want to teach, I want to share, I want the Scriptural truth. Those things matter to me in ways that are difficult for me to put into words.

But there is one aspect to that reality that is difficult. Because I want the Scriptural truth, I often find myself challenging Christians about our collective understanding about what the Bible means and indicates.

The Truth is that God PERMITS a man to have multiple wives, it matters not that the church and Christians emphasize monogamy-only. Such is categorically untrue. God PREFERS monogamy, but permits polygyny/polygamy. That is Scriptural and doctrinal truth.

The other reality is that my heart wants another wife, wants to share this life with two women. This does not make Mary less, it never has, it never will. It doesn’t make the other lady less, it never will.

As I wrote back in Installment 78, the Divine expressed that it is the women within polygamy/polygyny that become more than the man. That challenges and opposes how many interpret the man who has multiple wives. But from these things, it becomes evident that while the Divine declares that I need it, the Divine also declares that my wives are the greater participants of this arrangement.

I suppose, my answer as to why I need this marriage has its merits, but perhaps it is better that I go back to the prayer. I asked: Then why am I supporting it [meaning one husband with multiple wives]? The Devine answered:

Because it is part of who you are, you support truth.

That is undeniable. I do support truth. I don’t support dogma. I support truth. Dogma is monogamy-only. Truth is God prefers monogamy. Truth is God permits polygamy.

But in that prayer I replied: Yes; but Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. The Divine responded:

You did. The world largely lives monogamy, my preference. You advocating for polygyny does very little to help the cause of polygamy, but you living it does.

My reply was: How does writing not advocate, but living example does? The Divine’s response:

You’ll see.

Technically, I am still living monogamy, and writing, advocating polygyny/polygamy, so I have yet to see the results of “you’ll see”. At this point, the best I can think is that people are not often persuaded by words, but by example.

So somehow, even though my marriage is not God’s preference, yet God permitted, by living it, people will see the beauty in it, even though most will remain with God’s preference.

In a way, that does live up to how Jesus taught the disciples. One can’t just preach and teach. One has to embody and live.

I have met many church leaders and lay Christians who can preach and teach yet fail to embody and live their doctrine. The results? The results are self-evident.

Since, I am a person who supports Scriptural truth, not embodying, not living that truth actually weakens my ability to preach and teach. God permits polygamy/polygyny. To preach and teach it is not enough. I must embody that permission, that freedom in the Gospel.

To boot, what’s more, I actually look forward to living this life. I look forward to experiencing what God has permitted. Without doubt, it will have its challenges, but life has challenges, and challenges make for an exciting life. In essence, why traverse the oceans? Because I can and the oceans permit it.

On December 19, 2013 I was led to use my tallit and give a blessing. I gave the blessing: Blessed are you Jehovah our God, Sovereign of the Cosmos, who brings to the conclusion his work. The Divine responded:

I like that. What inspired you?

I replied: [I was] thinking that the path/work you have been doing with me for the last several years about polygyny is about to be finished and my additional wife with me.

I stated that in December 2013. As you can see, I thought it was changing, coming to a close. But I feel somewhat that the delay from that day to this is me. During 2014 and 2015, as I have written elsewhere, I was undecided.

2016 arrived and I had settled things within myself. Here it is July 2016 and I have not yet met the lady that the Divine has called Rachel. But I truly feel that because I am different, then things will unfold differently.

But back there in the prayer, the Divine responded to my statement with:

Yes. I thought so. Really I know so. But I wanted it on record for your future days, and yes the horizon is drawing near, much more quickly than you might suspect. And yes Rachel will be ready.

So, here I am in my “future days”. Little did I expect so many days to pass. Little did I expect it to take so many days to settle things within myself. But the horizon does feel much closer.

Back then, as much as now, the Divine’s comment about Rachel is intriguing. I replied: What does that mean, exactly? In part, the Divine responded:

I am bringing to you your wife.

This is what matters to me. This reveals that the Divine is actively helping me in this marital change. My heart wants two wives, but my heart also wants God to be the one who leads me to them. The Divine led me to Mary. The Divine will lead me to whom the Divine calls Rachel.

The Divine continued:

She has been on a journey, wandered from home. I am bringing her home, not to her old home, but her new home, a home where she will find protection and love, acceptance and nourishment. It will be beautiful.

I am completely intrigued by that thought. It has this tremendous change of perspective. But it is the description of my home that is just as important to me as the Divine conveying the manner in which Rachel comes into my life.

Later the Divine added:

[Y]ou will help her find new life, her life, her child’s life, his life with you, which she will defend until her dying day because the heart knows rescue when it feels it…

I have shared lots of things that the Divine has shared with me. There have been many details about the lady that the Divine has called Rachel, including that she would have a child. I look at this now and see that how the Divine describes the situation has a remarkable storybook quality.

Yet later, the Divine added:

[Y]our life… will be so peaceful… more patient, more kind, more loving…

That is how the Divine describes the future for me. I am currently more of those things, but as I shared earlier the Divine shared that I need two wives. It appears that need helps give those things. Those things are good things, and a tremendous blessing.

The Divine continued:

[That is] something Mary will thoroughly enjoy – a husband she will defend until her dying day.

This is actually far more important that the reader might, at first, think. You see, Mary has an interesting place in all of this. Including the time before our wedding, Mary has been with me since March 9, 1991. She has enjoyed a place with me. We have built a family, shared the ups and downs of monogamous matrimony. She is the one who has to welcome in another wife.

Doing that is a tremendous challenge. For Mary to be able to defend her husband is as important for her as it is for my other wife to defend her husband, this means that both women will defend their decisions. It is that type of positive insight that gives me encouragement, knowing that both ladies will be pleased.

My reader should recall that earlier, I asked the Divine: what does that mean exactly?

In this answer, the Divine gave information about Rachel, me, and Mary. The Divine provided insights regarding the three of us.

Considering all that I have shared, where am I?

I am totally ready to meet Rachel. Totally ready to introduce her to Mary. Totally ready to begin our life together.

Blessings and Shalom