Installment 81

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On December 21, 2013 we attended services. During praise and worship, I spent time in prayer. I was led to offer no blessing. I began: Hello Father. Thank you!

During that prayer, the Divine conveyed:

I am your work.

That is exactly what I thought my work was when I was a pulpit minister. Want to know something, ministry is NOT necessarily my work for the Divine. Ministry is the focal point of the church, but it should be a focal point, not the focal point.

Do people need help? Yes. As disciples, are we to help them? Yes. But according to the Scriptures, doing so is fulfillment of Leviticus 19.18b.

Do people need to hear about God? Yes. As disciples, are we to share with others? Yes. But according to the Scriptures, doing so is a type of fulfillment of Matthew 28.19-20.

So what does it mean that the Divine is my work? To answer that, here is how the Divine continued:

I am your archaeology, I am what you will uncover, for there is so much more, and no matter how much you uncover, there will always be infinitely more, more for you, and more for others, my mysteries are unsearchable, almost unfathomable, searchable, knowable; exhaustable they are not, search, know, uncover, learn, teach.

To fully understand the statement “I am your archaeology” I have to back up. During 2013, prayers and meditation led to understand that I would be moving into different work. At the time, I thought it would be a different occupation, little did I know then how my new work would unfold.

Around September 2013, the Devine led me to the concept of archaeology. At the time, I thought it would be an actual job within archaeology. Maybe that sounds quaint, but that is what I thought. So I spent some time looking into that field of work.

But here in this interactive prayer from December 2013, the search for work within archaeology is brought to a halt. The Divine made it clear that I was, I am, to dig through the dust to uncover more about the Divine.

That sounds simplistic. I might sound presumptive when I provide the next thought, but there is more to the Divine that what can be presented at church.

Don’t get me wrong, the church is a good, evangelism is a good thing, preachers, ministers, bible teachers, church leaders, church helpers, those are all good. But that is NOT the length, breadth, width, and depth of the Divine.

One can spend their entire life studying the Scriptures, and NEVER grasp that there is infinitely more to the Divine.

One can spend their entire life preaching the Scriptures, and NEVER reveal the inexhaustable mysteries of the Divine.

Are the Scriptures relevant to modernity? Yes.

Is the Church vital to modernity? Yes.

Is praise and worship necessary for the believer? Yes.

Are miracles, signs, wonders, prophecies, tongues and other spiritual gifts helpful in our walk of faith? Yes.

But, is that all there is to God? I give a big resounding, no!

The Divine conveyed that I was to search the unfathomable mysteries, uncover those things, and doing those things is definitely in the style of archaeology. I am to learn, to know, then I am to teach. In a sense, during this account of “My Story” I am doing that very thing. Revealing what I have come to know, because I was willing to search out parts of the unfathomable mysteries of God, unsearchable because they are infinite, yet searchable and knowable because the Divine is those very things.

After conveying those things, the Divine added, in part:

Your new work awaits…

That was conveyed December 2013. Come March 2014, I will have left the work force. Never, in all my life did I think I would ever have done such, but I did. As time permits, I will share part of that as well. For now though, suffice it to say that prayers led me to the understanding. And once I left the work force, I returned to the house, and have spent those ensuing years, serving my family, while researching, studying, and teaching.

Before the prayer ended, the Divine conveyed:

You are… living a life I really do not prefer, but I do want my people saved, and some of my people choose a harder path.

That is specifically regarding a man having multiple wives. Again, the Divine made it clear that such an arrangement is not what the Divine prefers, as I have shared elsewhere.

It is important that the Divine expressed that some people choose a harder path, and the Divine wants them saved. As I have expressed, having two wives is difficult because it contains relationship challenges that one man and one woman will not face.

But notice, and this is important, the Divine never prohibited people from making a more difficult choice. Some people choose to abstain from marriage, maritally a person who never marries does not ever face the challenges of marriage. And most people will choose to abstain from the challenges that are inherent to polygamy, but some don’t mind those challenges.

But last I saw, the church and Christians are not too ready or willing to minister to those who are polygamous. That is one of the challenges unique to those who have a polygamous arrangement.

The Divine added:

You did, but did not, choose this,

Part of me wants to get really protective and use that statement to defend myself. However, such feels unneeded. The reality is that while I do believe the Divine assisted me in arriving at this place in my life, I do want to experience the harder path, because difficulty usually brings about more reward and satisfaction.

So at this point, why shy away from my desire? But while I don’t shy away, I am also prayerful and wise, looking for and desiring the woman whom the Divine has designated as Rachel. That means, she is a unique female, yet willing to become my wife.

Yet, the Divine added:

I need you to do this, on this path, for you have the fortitude and honesty to help [others]…

I am through struggling and wrestling to make sure I understood the Divine. I understand the Divine.

I am through struggling and wrestling, attempting to retain friends and family relationships other than my marriage and family. I understand there are some barriers.

It bothers me that some choose not to come to see the Scriptural permissions of polygamy. But perhaps, God will grant to them the honesty to see that we cannot condemn where God has not condemned.

The Divine added:

…continue to learn. Love always…

Again, the Divine conveyed that my work is to learn, to search, to uncover, to know part of the unfathomable riches of the majesty of the Divine.

And, again the Divine encouraged me to express love. Brethren, friends, family, readers, it is not always easy to be loving, especially when some of the most egregious insults come from the very ones who identify themselves as disciples.

Without doubt, discussing the Scriptures is difficult. Just ask any Christian who has tried to have a discussion with another believer, when their views oppose, contradict, or are otherwise non-congruent. Yet, we hold the Scriptures as most sacred, as we should.

Reluctantly, I have come to accept that discussing the Biblical permissions of polygamy is, at best, difficult. It is difficult, in part, for two reasons. One, as the Divine conveyed, the world gravitates toward the Divine’s preference, which is healthy and proper. Two, unfortunately gravitation towards monogamy has given way to predisposition of preaching and teaching against polygamy for generations.

No matter how well articulated the argument for monogamy-only, the Scriptures do not support such. I recognize that is difficult to accept. I also recognize that difficulty is what makes discussing the topic of polygamy difficult, simply pertaining to the Scriptures. Add to the mix, anthropological history, society, culture, along with personal preferences and experiences, and the discussion can become quite intense.

Yet, the Divine reminded me to love. The Divine closed the prayer conveying:

Life is truly worth the living… be not afraid of your words, share, tell the story of your path, struggles and all, it has the power to help others. Share.

And that is what I have been doing.

I learn. I study. I pray. I meditate.

I share. I discuss. I teach. I write.

I know where I am headed. I know the beauty that lies before me. I see the sun and I see the moon. I see the evening and I see the morning.

I know I will have two wives. One has already said yes to the grand journey. I simply pray for the Divine to help reveal who this Rachel is.

Blessings and Shalom