Installment 90

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Back on March 26, 2014 I engaged in interactive prayer about a couple of dreams I had that morning. Sadly, I didn’t write down my dreams, but I have the prayer. I began: Blessed are you Jehovah our God, Sovereign of the Cosmos, who reveals the meaning to dreams. The Divine responded:

Yes. Here is yours.

Then the Divine continued:

Today you had two dreams.

Like I said, I wished I had written down those dreams, but I didn’t. So I am glad I have this prayer. The Divine continued:

The first [dream] was about you saving a dying widow, your salvation brings her life, new life, she was unawares, you found the keys to that salvation, and used them to save the widow.

That reveals something about the dream. But it’s what the dream means, not the dream itself. However, I did ask a question: Who is the widow? The Divine responded:

The widow matters not, you finding the keys does.

With that, obviously, who the widow was is important to the dream, but who she was is immaterial to the interpretation. Yet, the Divine conveyed that what matters to understanding the dream is finding my keys. Weird, is it not?

The Divine continued:

Now for your second dream. You were tasked with something, what was it?

I made the note that “I recalled the dream about birthday cards to Judas Priest”. That seems weird, but the best I can put the pieces together is that Judas Priest refers to the band of the same name. I replied: I was told to buy a birthday card. The Divine responded:


Then continued:

And the dream means this. Happy Birthday from several sources, unknown, but received.

To me, that seems mysterious, especially when I don’t have the dream to read along with the interpretation. But I did give a reply: Then why letters and the cards to Judas Priest? The Divine responded:

Seems obvious to me.

From the information so far, it doesn’t feel obvious. So I am glad I wrote the following in my journal:

I thought of Judas Iscariot, the traitor, and Priest being short for royal priesthood. Judas, although the betrayer, was a priest, hence Judas Priest[.]

So I did wonder to whom that referred. So how the Divine continued baffles me:

Wonder no more Judas, for you are Judas, a type of Judas anyway.

On the surface, that sits quite uneasy for me. It should be obvious as to why. The first person just about everyone seems to think about when the name is mentioned is Judas Iscariot, just as I did.

Therefore, it is helpful to know that the word Judas is a Greek spelling for Judah (G2455), and is found in the Greek translation of Genesis 29.35 as the transliteration of the Hebrew yehudah (H3063).

According to Brown-Driver-Briggs yehudah means “praised”. According to Strong’s Judas is sourced from the Hebrew H3063. According to Thayer Judas means “he shall be praised”.

It is difficult to think about praising Judas Iscariot. But recall it was I that aligned Judas with Iscariot, the dream was about Judas Priest, and most likely was using the name of the band, but not really referring to the band, if that makes sense.

The interpretation says that I am a type of Judas, a type of Judah, a type of “praise”. Which is important, because the Divine continued:

Betrayer like Iscariot? No.

So if there was any doubt about me being aligned to Judas Iscariot, the answer is no. The only thing in common, I suppose, is the name Judas/Judah, just as Judas Iscariot shares his name with the original man named Judah, one of the twelve sons of Jacob (Israel).

The Divine then continued:

But a Judas no less, so are they.

So I am a Judas, a Judah, as in praised. Because the Divine made it clear that I was not a betrayer.

Then the Divine added “So are they.” From how my life has unfolded in leadings, meditations, prayers and such, I interpret the “they” as my two wives, as such they are called “praised”.

Yet, it is interesting what the Divine conveys next:

However, in that betrayal you save the widow. Congratulations.

What? The two dreams are tied together. Tied by the betrayal and the widow. Yet in the dreams, betrayal saves the widow. Talk about confusing.

For me, as I sit and consider this, the only thing that I think that betrayal could apply to is that some interpret me as betraying monogamy. That is how some interpret me.

I have not betrayed monogamy. I support it. I advocate it.

I have been clear that monogamy is the Divine’s preferred marital arrangement.

But what I have made just as clear is that the doctrine of monogamy-only (notice the hyphen conjoining the word “monogamy” with the word “only”) is not capable of being substantiated by the Scriptures. The consequent teaching of monogamy-only is primarily advocated by those who put focus only on monogamy to the exclusion of the Scriptures inclusion of polygamy.

I have made it just as clear that God, Jesus, and the Scriptures themselves, do NOT condemn polygamy, and since it is not condemned it is permitted.

Yet, the Divine stated “Congratulations.” That, in ways, leaves me baffled. Then the Divine continued:

Anything else?

Recall that I went into prayer asking for the interpretation of my dreams. So, while it sounds a little odd to be asked, it is appropriate. I replied: Not necessarily, do you have anything to add? The Divine responded:


So even though I didn’t have more when the Divine asked, the Divine did when I asked. The Divine continued:

Tomorrow has come. The horizon is here.

What exactly does that mean?

The best I can tell is that while it took me two years to accept myself, once I left from the workplace to become a fixture in the homeplace, then what I had been led to in my prayers and meditations had become reality.

On one level I can accept that. My life did truly change. On another level, I thought that the change included the simultaneous addition of a second wife. The best I can tell is that my interpretation regarding an additional wife being simultaneous was not even close.

However, the Divine closed out with a question:

What will it be?

And that may very well be why my understanding about the timing was way off. You see, in some ways, in seems like this whole thing has been dependent upon me. Not that I am in control of anything, but dependent upon whether I really was ready to be me.

And, you know what? I wasn’t. Not in 2014. And not in 2015.

But now, it’s 2016, and life has changed.

After I shared this Installment with Mary, she wondered if she had any notes about these two dreams. She found a dream journal that included the date of March 26, 2014. Here is what was written about my dreams:

First Dream:

I was helping… I was a roommate with a widow whose husband had served in a foreign war, World War 1, [or] probably [some other] old war. She had lost her benefits. I had a friend with me and we went through the lady’s belongings for proof of her husband. And I held up three different proofs and they were long and slender, like a pencil or dart. They said different things about the husband. [And my dream self said] “These are the nails in the coffin of their bad decision against this lady.”

Second Dream:

I received a miss mailed letter to Judas Priest. I open the envelope and it has “Birthday wishes to my daughter”. There were two or three Birthday cards in there, maybe two cards and a letter, and I was reading the letter. I don’t remember the words, something like Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter.

These notes about my dreams were found after I had written this Installment. So I am not feeling inclined to rewrite the above Installment. Perhaps, these notes about my dreams could shed some different possibilities. If so, I leave that to my reader.

As, I mentioned earlier, it is now 2016. I am feeling so much better about me, my life, the direction of my life, and I look forward to the coming days.

Blessings and Shalom