Installment 107

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There is probably some paperwork around that has the dates, but I don’t feel like looking for it. So I will try to use my memory, and talk about some events that happened as we were getting Mary’s RX-8.

Before we acquired the RX-8, we had a VW Passat. Nice car. Not my favorite, but it was a quality family car. It was the car on which my daughter learned to drive.

Somewhere in late summer, I don’t recall when, Mary and I took her Passat to a local dealer to have some work done, minor stuff, if I recall. While the car is at the dealership, they give it a once over, checking this, that, and the other thing.

After having the work completed, a representative discussed with us the nature of the Passat, and was informing us of the work that needed to be done to help get more longevity out of the vehicle. It was several thousand dollars worth of work, from brakes, to shocks, to engine maintenance.

The cost for the amount of work needed was more than the value of the vehicle. After hearing the prognosis, I made a snarky comment that was something like: “Well then, I guess it’s time to have an accident, nothing major, just enough to financially total it.” The representative snickered.

We wrapped up our business at the dealership and went home. I wasn’t serious. It was meant as a joke. But the repairs that it needed were real.

The days and weeks went by. Nothing happened. Mary drove it work. I drove the family around. When needed, my daughter used it to drive to/from work.

One night, I am thinking somewhere in late September, maybe early October, my daughter drove home from work. It was late, toward 11pm, maybe even later. She arrived at home.

In the car she remained, calling Mary. My daughter was upset and crying, unable to open the driver door, informing her mom that she had hit a deer on the way home. As this discussion unfolded, we learned it happened about a half-mile from the house.

First, I am and will always be far more concerned about my family than the car. I have broken many cars, and wrecked some. When lost or damaged, it’s a heart break, but the car’s value is meaningless if/when your child or family is hurt.

My daughter was visibly shaken, concerned about the car, our response, seeing the remains of the deer and its blood. But she had no bumps, no bruises, nothing, just as healthy as she was when she went to work.

She got out of the car, came inside, talked. Soon we found a flashlight, went outside and looked at the Passat. Broken up pretty bad, front bumper, headlights, hood, air conditioner and radiator support, driver door issues, along with other miscellaneous parts that I could see.

Mary and my daughter inquired about the cost of repairs. I offered my assessment. The accident was reported to the insurance company. The Passat was inspected and given an estimate for the work that would be needed. Their assessment, the same as mine – financially it was gone.

Technically, it could have been put back together. But investment to repair the car simply didn’t justify the work. Sad too, if you think about it, a very minor accident wiped out the overall value of that car. But that is EXACTLY what I enunciated at the dealership.

So we were out a car. We were driving a rental during that time. Mary was looking at replacements, doing her research, finding this, finding that. She drove a few and only found one or two she really liked, for example an Infiniti G37, but was not sure what to buy.

Now what is of interest to me is something that occurred during my prayer on October 16, 2014 (Month 7 Day 20). I began my prayer with a blessing: Blessed are you Jehovah our God, Sovereign of the Cosmos who reveals the treasures of the heart.

Later in the prayer, the Divine conveyed:

Now here is something for that little wife of yours.

So I was being given something specifically for Mary. The Divine continued:

Your car is on the mend, on me you shall depend.

The Passat technically was not on the mend because we did not have it repaired. So the only way this makes sense is that it was the situation with the car that was on the mend. Which seems to convey don’t worry about transportation because when we depend on the Divine, provisions are provided.

But then there is a curious thing that is conveyed. The Divine continued:

What do you want my friend: creature comforts, or experience and thrill?

So that I can help my reader understand the importance of that statement, I have to reveal Mary’s vehicle ownership history. Before this moment in our personal automotive history, my wife Mary has always been a careful and sensible auto owner, always being practical.

The car had to be for the family, a responsible choice for the family. Not me, I had plenty of two-seaters, but I did have my big family haulers, like my Suburbans.

But not Mary, it was always the practical choice, nothing fancy. In fact, I think the Passat was the most luxurious that she had ever owned. She liked it. She didn’t like that I didn’t like it. But that is another story.

But, you see, in 2014, our life changed. I made the move to work at home, and she made the move to be the sole income. After the accident with the deer, our vehicle situation opened up to new possibilities. This was the first time she felt the opportunity to have a car all her own.

Well, she had difficulty making the decision. She didn’t know really which direction she needed or, I guess – wanted, to go. So going back to the prayer, the Divine continued:

It’s up to you my friend. Which do you want? It’s your choice.

So Mary had to consider things on that front. What did she really want in a car? She wasn’t sure what to purchase. But she was pretty determined that she was ready for experience and thrill over creature comforts.

Knowing that she wanted experience and thrill, she set out looking at various automobiles. She happened upon the RX-8. Truly, it seems to me, happened upon. Because although I was driving a Mazda MX-5 Miata at that time, and still am currently, Mazda was not readily apparent in her car search.

But she found the RX-8 when doing some car comparisons. I am not completely certain how she determined that she wanted an RX-8, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s what she determined she wanted.

Once she knew what she wanted, she set about praying for help to locate one, and to find one at the right price. It took her several days, a couple of weeks, maybe longer, but she found several RX-8s, but didn’t know which one to choose.

She continued praying, and one of them she felt matched how her prayers and mediations were leading her. We scheduled an appointment for the car. Met the folks. Bought it. She’s been driving it since October 25, 2014. Almost two years now.

The RX-8 has provided her with both of those characteristics: experience and thrill. She is thrilled to own it, and to drive it. But the experience of it, is that a rotary engine is its own unique beast, and so is the RX-8.

I have had to help her with battery and electrical issues, and engine and radiator issues. I have put brakes on it. I’ve put tires on it. Constantly maintaining the oil level. All kinds of little things that the RX-8 needs because of its unique design.

Now, do I like it? Yes. Hands down, it is the best car Mary has ever had. It is the most fun to drive, and to boot it’s an actual sports car. It is even more fun to drive than my Miata.

To help her with her car no longer feels like necessity because we have to have a “family” car that is practical. This one feels like fun, even when it’s a pita, and requires investment and maintenance.

Could that change? Sure. When? I don’t have a clue. In the meantime, we drive it, enjoy it, and love it.

But the big thing that I want my reader to get out of this relates to me learning to listen to the Divine, because the lesson is actually very important.

Scriptures tell us that the power of the tongue holds life and death (Proverbs 18.21).

Scripture tells us that the Divine SPOKE the creation.

Scripture tells us that humans are made in the image of the Divine.

That means that human speech has the POWER to create, or to destroy.

Sadly, that is a lesson I feel is remiss from my youth and my religious heritage. But perhaps it was and I simply don’t recall, either way, what we speak matters. There are practical examples of this in every day life.

But, for this Installment, I refer directly to the declaration that I made, in passing, superfluous to my day, a snark to my exchange with the dealership representative: “Well then, I guess it’s time to have an accident, nothing major, just enough to financially total it.”

Days later, the car was a financial total. Days after that, I prayed and was given some information that directly related to Mary and her car search.

If we’re going to actually believe that we, as humans, are co-creators of life, then we have to accept that there is no real coincidence or accident. It all works together.

Did I believe that what I declared at the dealership would happen? No. Are you kidding me? I feel like I have expressed lots of superfluous words in my life. But I am learning to pay attention to what I say.

Did I know that Mary would like an RX-8? Are you kidding me? Those kinds of cars were never on her radar. But I am learning to pay attention to prayers.

So I am learning that many things occur in life that simple Bible Study doesn’t adequately cover. Why? Because it is too easy to sit in Bible Class, sit through a sermon, and simply learn data. Who is this Bible person? When did that happen? What Bible verse is that information in?

On and on the data it goes. The learning of information never stops.

We could recite all of Psalm 23. We could know who the first man and woman are. We could know or estimate when God brought Israel out of Egypt. We could know the events of AD 70. We could know the teachings of Jesus. And NEVER experience the spirituality of life that God created.

It’s one thing to have Bible knowledge, to preach, to teach, to persuade, to convince others, to defend the truth.

It’s another thing entirely to give your concerns over to God, and let the Divine lead. It’s nerve-wracking, because you get general concepts like: creature comforts, or experience and thrill.

Had Mary chosen creature comforts, we would be in a different car.

Had I not prayed, Mary could not have had that information to help her choose.

Had we not taken the Passat to the dealer for work, I wouldn’t have made the declaration.

Life, you see, is lived through successive events.

I am here BECAUSE of my parents. I can’t escape that truth, and I am not speaking negatively about them. It is simply true: BECAUSE of them, I exist.

But I also exist because of the Divine.

Both are true.

It is the latter that I am learning holds not just greater clarity, but also greater mystery. I am not against my parents, but let’s be candid, they are not the Almighty, nor do they have the Divine’s abilities, even though they were created in the Divine’s image.

Because of God, my parents are. Because of God and my parents, I am.

My life has many successive moments. To stay on topic with “My Story” – I prayed needing to know more about the Scriptures, I was able to go to a Bible School; as pulpit minister I wanted more than pulpit ministry, and so on and so forth it goes.

My decision to build a bigger family having two wives is successive, and I have learned that utterances make for reality.

Just as the Divine provided exactly what I needed in order to have a newer maintained vehicle (going from the Passat to the RX-8), just as the Divine helped me help Mary, I know that “My Story” will unfold having two beautiful, spiritual, women as wives.

Why? I have spoken it.

Blessings and Shalom