Installment 122

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For the last several Installments I have been sharing things that I have considered mysterious. Those things continue in this Installment.

On April 4, 2015 (Month 1 Day 15), I prayed. During that prayer, the Divine conveyed:

…today you have landed on yonder shore. Stay here, you will not, but remain here you will until your passenger arrives.

Again, if “today” meant the “today” of April 4 then that “today” came and went. But if “today” is a metaphoric today, then I am definitely still here, and have remained here, “here” being my decision to move forward into my life with two ladies.

For me, the interesting thing is the inclusion of the “passenger”. In previous Installments (98, 100), the concept of a ship was presented. That ship set sail and had to arrive at a shoreline.

In this Installment, I am led to understand that I had arrived at the shore, but that I am waiting on a passenger. For me, I noticed that the word is used in a singular sense, and I assume that it refers to Rachel.

Later in that same prayer, the Divine conveyed:

Now my son understand this:

So there is something that I am supposed to comprehend, to realize. The Divine continued:

Now is the time she contacts you.

For me, if “now” meant the date of that prayer, it sure didn’t happen. So I am uncertain what “now” means.

For me, I would have assumed a contact would have been an email, a letter, something like that. Well, that didn’t happen.

So I, truly, don’t even begin to understand that part of the prayer. But I am looking for contact, and I don’t want to miss it.

If that is not enough, on April 5, 2015 (Month 1 Day 16), I prayed: Father, what would you like to tell me today? The Divine responded:

The Red Rider BB Gun can shoot your eye out.

For me, that’s an immediate reference to the famous Christmas movie were that particular BB gun is exactly what the character wanted. Those familiar with the movie know the thing that happens when he got his Red Rider.

It’s true the wrong use of the BB gun can put out your eye. So it is interesting that the Divine continued:

But it didn’t, yet it created lots of problems.

So, for those familiar with the film that this prayer alludes to, the character shot the BB gun, it ricocheted, hitting him in the face. It grazed his cheek, but smarted him.

In the process, he dropped his glasses and stepped on them while looking for them. So in a sense, in shooting the BB gun, the character caused problems for himself.

In picking up the topic of polygamy, I too created problems for myself. Look, I am not going to cry about it. But the issue is that some people stay away from the topic of polygamy the way some people stay away from guns, because of the inherent involved risk.

One must maintain awareness around a weapon, even a BB gun, in order to prevent harm. I don’t like sharing this, but I learned the hard way about BB gun safety. Little buggers look like their harmless, but they aren’t. Just suffice it to say that with a CO2 BB gun I shot myself in the hand, took a long time to live that one down.

But in the topic of polygamy, I created problems. There is no need to list them, but they are there, with the first and foremost problem being with parents and in-laws. Realizing that I created problems, consider what the Divine added:

The [BB] gun is not the problem, the user thereof is the problem.

Regarding weaponry, that is an observable truth, we all should know this.

But the prayer is talking about me, and it insinuates the direction that I had taken my life. So polygamy is not the issue, it’s just like everything else, it’s the person, they are either mindful or they aren’t. Importantly, the Divine continued:

So what’s your problem Red Rider?

The Divine pointed directly to me, then continued with the following:

Is your aim too shallow? Or to high? Or to the right? Or to the left?

Anybody who has experience with firearms knows that one has to adjust the sights, or adjust themselves to the sights in order to learn the weapon, for in that, one either hits the target or one doesn’t.

So over the course of these months, I have been reflecting on things, and I have had to consider what needed to be adjusted.

That is one reason why I have come to the point that some of this stuff is mysterious and what I once thought I knew with certainty seems long gone, except that I am on this course, my ship arrived at the shore, and I wait to find out who Rachel is.

That is important when one considers the following, the Divine conveyed:

If you shoot straight, then the target is hit,

Of course, that is a truism. Those familiar with firearms know that you have to shoot straight otherwise the target is missed. So that which is given next matters, the Divine continued:

unless of course the target is moving,

Everyone accustomed to firearms knows the difference between a static target and a moving target. Static: easy. Moving: not so, but with practice moving targets, well, we know the end of the target.

After that, the Divine added:

which in this case, it is.

That is one reason why that which I thought I knew as certain, becomes not so certain. I have had to go back, re-think, re-evaluate. I had to accept that which was “certain” may not be.

That was not really something I was ready for, but I don’t know what else to draw as a conclusion when I am led to understand that the target is moving. Feels like having a blindfold on, having been spun around, the lights have been turned off, then throwing darts at a board.

With that in mind, the Divine concluded that section with a question:

So how’s your aim there fella?

You know, it’s seems like it has not been the best.

What does that reveal? Me, learning, and nothing more.

In that same prayer, in the Divine began the next section with:

Now consider this:

Again, something the Divine wants me to reflect on. The Divine conveyed:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Brings the morrow’s news today.

A foretelling? Perhaps. But I’m no prophet.

But the issue for me is: what does “morrow” mean?

I get it, morrow is short for tomorrow. But is morrow literal or metaphoric? I don’t answer yet, because I want to give the next part of the prayer first. The Divine continued:

On the forth of November last,

Okay? So is that November 4, 2014? Or is that a different November 4? Or does ‘November’ even mean November? Sadly, I have grown no more capable at solving the mystery. The Divine continued:

impregnated she was cast.

At first, I thought that November 4 referred to a date where a woman became pregnant, specifically, Rachel became pregnant.

But somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that perhaps that a woman could have been impregnated with Rachel.

But then, as I am writing this, it occurs to me that one can become ‘impregnated’ and not be carrying an actual child. One can be impregnated with alcohol. One could be impregnated with emotions. The possibilities go on.

Suffice it to say, I don’t know. In the prayer, the Divine continued:

Down she was. Up she is.

I assume this refers to Rachel.

Down? What? Emotionally? I simply don’t know. Up, seems similar. But it’s the opposite of down, which seems to indicate that up is a better thing.

But after that, the Divine added:

Cast not thy lot for tomorrow’s cast.

The only way I am currently processing that is that in the Biblical sense, I am not to cast my lots expecting the situation to develop where the Divine points to any one thing in particular regarding what happens “for tomorrow’s cast.”

As for “tomorrow’s cast” I am thinking that simply means what might happen on the morrow, the metaphoric tomorrow, after my prayer.

So, in a sense, if I am conveying properly what I am thinking: I am not to look to some method for solving what might happen in the days that occurred after my prayer.

With that, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know.

After that the Divine conveyed:

New is worthy. News is lost.

Kind of the way the news cycle works, is it not? Once the news is given, it gets lost to history. The Divine then conveyed:

Does it matter if she’s pregnant or not? It shouldn’t, not at all, for a child in the belly does not bring forth my will;

I think I have conveyed somewhere, I don’t know where, that I thought Rachel was going to be pregnant or have a child. The point from the prayer is that I simply don’t know much.

The question I have is, what does the Divine mean by “my will”? Anymore, regarding my life, about the only thing I can say for certain is that my life will involve two ladies. Other than that, I don’t have much awareness of the development of my life.

After that, the Divine added:

instead look to the Savior on morrow’s morning still.

I take that to be a poetic description of the morrow. It seems that it is a metaphoric description that the morning of the metaphoric day will be still, as in the sun is rising, there is no wind, and the stillness of the morning sets heavy.

In that moment, the Savior will be there. In what capacity? I have no clue.

After that, the Divine conveyed:

Now consider something else:

Again something for me to contemplate, the Divine continued:

Here she is. Here she was.

I assume the “she” is Rachel. But as to what those two thoughts mean, it seems like she was here and gone, but I could be wrong. The Divine continued:

Tomorrow’s dove sitting on the stove.

Tomorrow? Literal? Metaphoric? I take it to be metaphoric.

Dove? I take it to be a reference beyond the actual bird, but probably to a woman. Is that woman Rachel? I don’t know.

As for the remainder, I have no real idea, except that when something is on the stove, metaphorically speaking, it is in one’s mind, forefront of one’s tasks.

I say that because one can “backburner” an issue, which moves something from the front of the stove to the back. One can even remove something from the stove.

So, in some way, the “dove” would be on the stove, which insinuates importance. The Divine continued:

Oh, it’s hot,

So the stove is hot, meaning it’s in use. The Divine added:

so is she,

I take it that the dove is hot. In what way? That she feels the proverbial heat of the stove? Or that she is hot, in the sense that she is attractive? Or in some other way?

From there, the Divine continued:

but let’s not talk of making tea.

Well, in the previous Installment there was a dream involving tea, and I was doing something with that tea.

So, it seems that this stove is not an actual stove where one prepares food or water for making tea. This stove is something else.

With that in mind, consider that the Divine continued:

Now for you,

So the Divine has brought the attention back to me. The Divine continued:

tomorrow is cast, a blast from the past, around your dash. Now that makes sense, but only in the future, which is now your past.

Back on April 5, 2015 when I participated in that interactive prayer, that didn’t make any sense. Truly. It didn’t.

But as I am writing this, just today, I think I now know what this was referring to. It refers to me helping my son with my car.

Back in April 2015, if I remember correctly, my son had not yet decided to rebuild my old Fiero. He had a dream, heard the engine, decided he wanted it. The very next month after this prayer, May 2015, we began our work. Here it is about 18 months later and we are getting real close to having it back on the road.

That car was a blast from my past. I had lots of fun with it. Bought it from a man who saved it. The Fiero had been stolen and wrecked. I bought it because it is a notch-back GT. I rebuilt that girl, lowering springs, ball-joints, rust removal work, chassis work.

It hadn’t run in years, when I put in back on the road in 2002-2003. In 2004, I went to Bible School, had the transmission rebuilt with a shift kit.

It traveled with me through the state of Texas, out of state when I lived in Indiana, and it returned with me to Texas. I drove it until 2011. The transmission broke.

I parked it at my parents. It stayed there until my son decided he wanted it, so we rebuilt it. And she’s now got a 4-speed and all kinds of new goodies. My son truly loves it.

But like the prayer conveyed “that makes sense, but only in the future, which is now your past.” And how true that is.

As for my life, I do look forward to it. There is something inherently beautiful about a life with two ladies. I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I just don’t want to miss it.

Blessings and Shalom