Installment 129

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I want to share some things from a prayer from May 30, 2015 (Month 3 Day 13).

In that prayer, the Divine conveyed:

Now consider this:

Again the Divine has something that I am to think about. The Divine continued:

you walk up. You walk down.

For me, that seems to be the comings and goings of life – I go here, I go there, doing this and doing that. The Divine continued:

A merry-go-round, round and round and round and round and round and round and round it goes.

And that is exactly a merry-go-round, even when an elaborate ornamental carousel with horses and seats. It simply goes round and round, whether a gentle smooth turn, or spinning a play ground merry-go-round as fast it can spin.

Given the right conditions, the merry-go-round can either be a beautiful romantic event or one that will make one hurl. Yet in either case, the ride does come to a stop. Consider how the Divine continued:

When does it stop? I only knows.

So obviously, this merry-go-round is operated with an undetermined specified period of time, which means it could be spinning for a long while. The Divine continued:

But you see, you can stop it, ride it you don’t have to, but some people like a merry-go-round, and stay on until the ride is done.

It will be the tendency for some to interpret that as meaning that I don’t have to go into a life with two ladies. And that would be a misinterpretation.

Why? Because back when this prayer was recorded, I was on the merry-go-round of trying to understand my life – because it was spinning, and spinning, and spinning.

I knew my meditations. I knew my prayer life. I knew what I had laid on God’s proverbial table. I had given to God everything for the Devine to use.

Well, when that happens, and the Divine leads you to a new part of life, it can become very dizzying. Why? Because, of course, God only does what I anticipate and understand, matching perfectly my expectations of what God does (that’s sarcasm).

BAH! Give your life completely to the Divine, and the Divine is going to orchestrate your life in unexpected ways. That is the merry-go-round, determine if you’re going to follow the lead of the Divine or not, and that ride won’t stop until you’ve made up your mind.

Consider that in the prayer, the Divine continued:

Is this the ride you like? No, not really.

For me, I had to determine to stop the merry-go-round by determining that I would follow the lead of the Divine. I decided to stop the merry-go-round of not making the decision.

Through following the Divine my life unfolded in ways unexpected, but now it’s expected, which is important to know because in the prayer, the Divine continued:

A roller-coaster person is more your style, up, down, twirl around, circle back, flip over, turn around upside down, slow down, go down, go up, down, turn-around again.

I tire quite easily of the constant round and round motion of the merry-go-round. In a way it’s boring. In another way it’s nauseating. Boring, because it only does one thing. Nauseating, because the motion of the round and round makes my stomach uneasy.

Yet some people like the merry-go-round, and prefer it to the roller-coaster.

In the prayer, the Divine continued:

Which is worse? Neither, for both are great depending on what you like.

Not me, I prefer the coaster to the go-round, because I like the way in which a coaster works. Consider that the Divine added:

You want excitement. Excitement you have, be not dismayed when excitement takes your breath away.

And that is exactly what the Divine brought to my life – excitement.

Before I could see it as excitement, I had to change my perspective of what was going on with my life.

I saw it as a nauseating experience, a ride that I wanted to end. I could choose to stay on the ride that I didn’t like, or I could change my perspective.

So I changed my perspective. The Divine encouraged me to do that very thing:

Now, no longer stay unhappy, smile, and take in the sights for the ride simply continues from here, for you have only left the station a short while ago.

Saying to me: change how you’re looking at this experience.

A coaster loads at a station, usually seating two by two, but not all coasters are such. There are coasters that seat six or more across.

But either way, the coaster loads at a station. Then the coaster leaves the station and follows the course of the track.

No one on that coaster is unhappy. Scared, maybe; but unhappy, not a chance. They are all there because something led them to that coaster. They are all smiles, filled with anticipation and excitement for the journey that awaits.

You know, it’s a strange thing. I have ridden many coasters in my day. Some people want to ride the front car. Some people ride the back car. Some people want somewhere in the middle.

But you want to know something? There are those who cannot bring themselves to ride the coaster.

They waited in line, sometimes for hours. They made their way to the station. They were in line for a specific car, their turn almost there. It became their turn. They stepped into the car, and stepped to the other side of the station, walking away.

As far as I know, I don’t think I have ever walked away from a coaster, even when I was scared.

In the motif of the roller coaster, few coasters launch you out of the station starting the ride immediately.

Instead, the train herks and jerks its way out of the station, winding its way around a curve or two, making its way to the first hill, and its usually a doozy. With that, notice that the Divine conveyed that my coaster ride hadn’t even begun because I simply had just left the station, my coaster ride is only beginning.

That might freak out some people, but a coaster is almost always a safe experience. It thrills, it scares, it turns the riders around and about, loops over, twirls a corkscrew, makes them lose their stomach, all while riders lift their hands, yelling at the experience of the ride.

Many don’t want the experience to end. Some applaud when the ride is over. Some even hurry back to ride again.

Quite frankly, I was scared about all of this, and properly so, it’s a big deal. But I viewed the experience as a ride I hated (merry-go-round), instead of looking at it as a ride of a lifetime (roller coaster).

Like the inexperienced noob, I worked myself up into a frenzy about what I was seeing, needing to be there, but not wanting to be there all at the same time. In all my fear, I climbed aboard.

My train, my coaster, has left the station. I don’t know what awaits me, but the ride will be a scream, a hand-raiser, one that I will be -because I am- glad to have taken.

I want to share one last thing from that same prayer.

After several pieces, this was the last thing given, the Divine added:

Now, one more thing:

Then the Divine continued:

her heart,

I assume this refers to Rachel, but given where the Divine goes with the information, it could also refer to Mary (Esther). The Divine continued:

her heart is merry,

And that is a good thing. For a rollercoaster is best experienced when one is merry, joyous, and cheerful. The Divine continued:

her heart is contrary,

That doesn’t sound too good, because the word contrary carries the idea of opposing something. So whether Rachel or Mary (Esther), she is contrary to something, being uncooperative about something. The Divine continued:

but not to you,

Okay, so that clears up some of it, at least she -whether Rachel or Mary (Esther)- is not contrary to me. The Divine continued:

to others,

So somehow her heart, while not contrary to me, has become contrary to others. That may sound horrible, but is actually a wonderful and exciting thing, because others were telling her not to climb aboard the coaster, but it seems that her heart is ready to climb aboard the coaster. That is important because the Divine added:

it is contrary no more,

The word it refers to her heart. Her heart is no longer contrary, but merry, which is vital, because the coaster needs to be approached with cheerfulness. So consider how the Divine closed out that part of the prayer:

it’s ready for what love has in store.

In other words, her heart is ready for the roller coaster. That is an amazing thing.

Why? For some ladies, it takes a tremendous amount for them to collect themselves in order to do something that others don’t want them to do.

Look, let’s face it, okay, there are mothers, and probably some fathers, who don’t want their children riding roller coasters, merry-go-rounds are fine, but coasters are too dangerous. There are those friends who will agree with the parents. Together, they make a chorus of voices that take all kinds of preventative measures to keep people from going on what they deem dangerous.

Let’s face another general truth, in a general sense, women are risk averse. Most women simply do not take the risks that men do. This is why insurance rates are cheaper for women.

So when a woman has chosen to face a risk, a challenge, something that others deem as dangerous, it happens because there is a change within her, beginning in her heart.

That means when a woman is ready, she is ready in her heart. When she is ready, her heart becomes contrary to all the voices that cautioned her against the risk.

But the risk she will take.

For me, that makes my heart joyous.

Blessings and Shalom