Installment 130

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With this Installment, I want to take the time to talk about getting the fullness of life.

Last night, along with millions of others, Mary and I watched Game 7 of the World Series. In a word – drama. In another word – epic.


It was history in the making.

Two teams. Two great teams. Two teams without a World Series win, each team not being World Series champs for over 50 years. The teams, everybody knows: Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago Cubs.

The last time Cleveland won the World Series Harry Truman was President.

The last time Chicago won the World Series Theodore Roosevelt was President.

It was not just historical. It was majestic. Everything that Baseball is supposed to be – beauty in motion, and love for the game.

Two spectacular teams. Both played their hearts out. Both gave a tremendous effort.

It was a nail-biter from start to finish. The full seven-game series ended as impressively as it began, in extra innings.

Tied in the ninth. Top to bottom, no scores. But the tenth inning couldn’t begin because of a rain delay.

A rain delay. How else to extend a dramatic series than a suspension of play because of weather?

About 15 minutes later, the game resumed. In the top, Chicago scored twice. In the bottom, Cleveland scored, but fell to their third out.

A masterpiece of sports life.

The rain, a beautiful touch, the Cubs and their winless drought was over. Tears fell, shouts of joy filled the stadium and households across the land.

Each team made history, but only one received the trophy. The weight of the game fell to Cleveland, the jubilance to Chicago.

In one moment of sports, the fullness of life, pleasure and pain – grief and sorrow along with joy and rejoicing.

But that moment was lived out in small moments, tracing all the way back to the founding of each franchise.

Yet this moment in the 2016 World Series could not have ever been experienced had each franchise not lived each and every moment of its life to the full.

Two winning teams, each consisting of winning players. No player, no coach, no franchise staff arrived on that World Series field on their own. It took the effort of the entire organization.

Fans cheered on. Yet boos rained as well.

Life, and the fullness of it, requires great effort, making great plays, taking necessary risks, swinging at the correct pitches, aiming for the fence, needing a single, wanting an RBI, all in order to put a W in the column.

Winning is not the fullness of life. Winning is the joys of life.

Losing is not the fullness of life. Losing is the burdens of life.

Together, winning and losing, losing and winning, are the fullness of life, because life cannot be unless each exists.

So how does that translate over into matrimony?

Well, first, the franchise has to be founded.

That means the team of Ray and Mary are not adding a third member to our team. It’s not about making wins with an old franchise, no.

This is about building a new team, a new franchise, a new team that has never existed before. The new franchise will face its struggles, its loss, its injuries. But that will build strength and experience.

This new franchise will set records. The first one: breaking with tradition. When and how the next records are set, I don’t know. But I know they will be.

We’re going to build a healthy marriage. We’re going to help each other. We’re going to be something unexpected.

Together, what’s the limit? Our own limitations?

We want to travel somewhere? We develop the means. We want to live somewhere? We do what we can to make it happen.

But life can’t be lived to its fullest until our other team member gets here. She’s part of the franchise. She’s part of the goal setting process. She’s integral to the franchise’s success.

How does she define success? Maybe it is watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Maybe it is going for a walk.

The point is, I could keep offering my thoughts, but we need her to contribute her thoughts and goals, her desires and aspirations. We can only accomplish her involvement when she arrives.

Until then, I share my experiences, and give a general direction. But I know this – it will be a fantastic experience. It will surely have its low points. Why? Because life has lows, but life also has highs, the joys, the moments that make us scream and shout with exuberance, pumping our arm in jubilation.

With that in mind, I want to share a portion of my prayer from June 13, 2015 (Month 3 Day 26). During that prayer, the Divine conveyed:

My son consider something:

Like so many of my prayers, there is something that I am to think about. The Divine continued:

a man walks a thousand miles, a thousand miles for a lifetime of miles.

Who knows how many miles a person might actually walk during their lifetime. If it’s a mile, it’s a thousand, if not a million.

The number of actual miles seems immaterial, for it seems that the Divine is being metaphoric, expressing a concept through poetry. A person’s lifetime consists of miles and miles and miles and miles. So many miles that no one keeps count.

The Divine continued:

It is often considered that it is the journey and not the destination that matters,

Sound familiar? It does to me. It probably does to my reader. Many aphorisms speak about the importance of the journey and not the importance of the destination. So consider how the Divine continued:

but they are wrong,

What? The aphorism is wrong? So then we might suppose that it is the destination that matters. Consider how the Divine continued:

both matter

Balance. Not one. Not the other. Both are needed. The Divine continued:

for you see the destination is not reached without the journey,

And that is exactly correct, no one arrives at their destination without making a journey.

One can “journey” from their couch to their kitchen.

If one does not work from home, one can journey from their place of residence to the place of occupation.

One journeys from birth to death.

One journeys from being single to being married.

In my situation, one journeys from monogamy to polygamy.

The paths that any one person can travel are many. They wind their way through our life. They switch back, go down hills, climb mountains, cross rivers, sometimes oceans.

But consider how the Divine continued regarding the journey:

and the journey means nothing without the destination,

What? Amazing concept really. Therefore the journey is not the point.

The journey of life is nothing, and I mean nothing without the destination, otherwise the journey is vain. But keep in mind that the destination is not the point, because the destination requires the journey.

Consider how the Divine continued:

they work like hand in glove, one needs the other,

Truly, the journey and the destination work together. A destination cannot be reached without a journey. A journey takes one to a destination. Each one, like the yin and yang, needs the other.

This is why the Divine continued:

and thus your journey needs its destination.

Yes, my journey needs its destination. But this journeyman spent time meandering along the way, confused as to what it meant, sometimes lost in my own discouragement.

Want to know something? You, my reader, have your own destination, you are on your own journey, both are needed. Maybe you know your destination, maybe you don’t. Either way, pray and the Divine will reveal.

As for me, back in the prayer the Divine continued:

The destination is arriving, but the journey is not over, far closer to being finished than when it began several years ago, thus you know the destination is arriving.

So I know my destination, and the journey is part of it. But without the journey, the destination could not be.

In the prayer, the Divine conveyed:

Now, for you,

So the Divine brought the prayer directly to me, applying the concepts directly to me. The Divine continued:

this means you should be watching, patiently waiting for the doorstep of your destination for the threshold must be crossed in order for the journey to be complete.

When I was meandering and lost in myself, I wasn’t watching and I surely wasn’t patiently waiting.

Now though, here in November (can you believe it’s November?) I have been watching, patiently waiting.

When will the doorstep and threshold arrive? Hopefully soon.

What is the fullness of life? Making a journey? Making a destination? Both.

Making the journey; discovering yourself along the way, knowing who you are, arriving where you’re supposed to be.

The Cubs knew they could win the World Series. But they got lost along the way. They knew their destination, but the journey to get there was the journey of a lifetime.

I am grateful for my journey, but I am ready for my destination.

Rachel, whoever you are, wherever you are, for the joy of love and the fullness of life, will you join me on this wonderous, marvelous, extraordinary journey?

Blessings and Shalom