Installment 132

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In this Installment, I will share some dreams I had back in June 2015.

On June 14, 2015 (Month 3 Day 27), I wrote in my journal:

I put the following on Facebook:

Thought I’d share my dream from this morning, not sure what to make of it.

I awoke this morning realizing I was dreaming. I was in an office room or a school type room that had large windows allowing a substantial amount of sunlight into the room.

I was there with two or three others, who they were, I do not recall.

I was packing some things into a box (maybe boxes), but in particular, I distinctly remember working with one box, packing my things in order to take my things home for the summer. I recall that as I was packing, I was telling someone, “Yeah, you just don’t know when you’ll be back, tomorrow or next Tuesday.”

Now, if memory serves, I was packing up things from my old business life, for I recall holding something in my hands that looked like insurance stuff, the things I would have used while I was selling insurance, yet somehow the moment felt like we were “closing down” for the summer, like one might close down a school for the summer months.

From the description, there is plenty of ‘light’ being given to the situation that I found myself in. That ‘light’ could be natural illumination, but that ‘light’ could also be illumination that is found within contemplation or the illumination that is found when an erudite speaks.

In the dream, I was in a business or an academic setting. Those two settings have been the mainstays of my life. So it is possible that in either one or both of those locations, I was receiving ‘light’ in order to see what I was doing.

Interestingly, there were others with me, but according to the notes about the dream, I had no idea who those people were. In the course of the context of telling “My Story” I could assume that two of them could represent my future family, but that would be an assumption. So I am uncertain.

In the dream, I was packing up my things for the ‘summer’. Through the course of “My Story” I have learned that time markings like summer don’t necessarily indicate a physical time period. This means that for the dream ‘summer’ does not have to be the physical season found in the four-season year.

Instead, summer could be the next part of my life. Just like school, one packs up their things and takes time away from the educational task at hand. Even scholastic instructors are given that time away, a different type of time, but still time away from their primary occupation of educating.

So in this dream, since it was unclear whether I was in business or education, perhaps I was in the business of educating. That simply means that my job had been that of a teacher. So I was packing up my things for the season that was approaching.

In the dream, I stated “Yeah, you just don’t know when you’ll be back, tomorrow or next Tuesday.” I am really not certain what that means.

But it seems to indicate that even though my dream self knew that I was packing up in order to leave, my dream self did not know if I would ever actually make it back in order to continue that which my dream self was doing. This seems to indicate the possibility that I would not return to that part of my life.

If that is true, then it correlates to the life that I am expecting. I am setting aside my previous work in order to attend to things in a ‘summer’ of my life. That simply means that what I do will change.

At the end of my entry, I wrote that “I was packing up things from my old business life”. That is what gives credibility to the idea that perhaps my occupation was in an educational setting.

That is important. Consider how that applies to my life. While pulpit-ministry involves lots of other things than teaching, teaching and preaching is the primary duty of the pulpit.

After I left the pulpit in 2010, I continued teaching the Scriptures. In a much different venue, but I continued teaching the Scriptures.

I still ‘teach’ the Scriptures, but I no longer take an approach of ‘teacher’. I could. I can. I don’t.

It’s not that I can’t. It’s that I won’t.

I have found multiple factors that affect individuals and their willingness to hear information about the Scriptures. Anymore, I ‘share’ what I know, but in a detached way.

The conclusions that people draw are important. People can draw the wrong conclusions.

But the Divine created this world, knows how it has unfolded, and where it will go. In that respect the Divine is in control.

Therefore, I ‘share’ what I know, what I understand. I am cordial. I aim to be involved. But, in the avenue of Paul and Apollos, I plant or I water, it is God who gives the increase.

I have learned that teachers, ahem, clears throat, along with preachers, ministers, and other religious leaders, all expect to see growth from their students.

There is only one teacher, one master. I am a student of that teacher, that master. I have learned that it is NOT my responsibility to teach the students of that teacher, that master.

Hence, in the dream, I didn’t know if I would return. I won’t. I can’t.

And isn’t it kind of funny that I was dealing with insurance stuff? Not only was that my occupation for many years, many people see religion as selling ‘life’ insurance.

So that part of my life closed down. I can’t return to it, because doing it is not the proper occupation.

Instead, I share, just as I am doing by telling “My Story”.

Importantly, living in the season of summer is not only warmer, it is more comfortable. The coldness, the frosty, the windy chills, of trying to instruct students is long gone. I get to swim in the water, have refreshing moments, sharing my life with those around me.

I want to share another dream. On June 17, 2015 (Month 4 Day 1), I wrote in my journal:

I put the following on Facebook:

This morning when my 5.30am alarm went off, I felt like throwing the alarm across the room, so I hit dismiss, then immediately asked Mary “What day is it?” She told me, “Wednesday.” I rolled over frustrated and still exhausted.

We got up, I helped her get to work, talked with her as she drove to work. We hung up. I went back to bed. Prayerfully told God to wake me about 8.00am. I awoke just a few minutes after 8 to a dream.

Don’t remember much other than in the dream I learned that she (not Mary) got her navel pierced. My dream self liked it and felt great knowing that my wives each had their navel pierced. Totally unexpected. Totally random. Somewhat awkward.

First, I consider the extra information almost as interesting as what I recorded about the dream. But unlike other dreams, I did not record many details.

For me, my journal entry about the dream seems self explanatory. So instead of spending time on that dream, I will move on to one more dream that I had back in June 2015.

On June 25, 2015 (Month 4 Day 9), I wrote in my journal:

This morning I went back to bed after Mary arrived at work. As I was waking, I recognized I was dreaming. And I shared it on Facebook.

I was a cook or chef at a restaurant. Mary was there, but she was more directly involved with the guests. I was in the kitchen taking care of some dish that had been served or was going to be served to the guests, and a man was in there complaining about the manner in which I was working with the dish.

He wasn’t a cook. He wasn’t an employee. He wasn’t a guest. Yet, he was meddling in my work, telling me how I was doing it all wrong, which was odd because [the]restaurant and all the customers seemed quite pleased with everything that I was preparing. I am not sure how the discussion went, all I remember is basically kicking him out of my kitchen and telling him that if [he] thinks he can do such a great job, then go cook in his own kitchen.

I remember working specifically with the food dish. I also remember scraping and cleaning cookware. I also know that this took place in an industrial kitchen, like I had purchased someone else’s restaurant, or had otherwise acquired previously used industrial kitchen equipment. The equipment was not the issue with the guy who was meddling in my kitchen. For him, the item at issue was the manner in which I was preparing and cooking. In no way, was he pleased with me or the manner in which I was doing my work.

For me, it’s kind of interesting that I find myself waking to a dream. But maybe that’s just me.

In the dream, I was a chef.

For me, in my actual life, it is interesting because I have become the one who spends most of the time in the kitchen. Yes, Mary still prepares meals.

That change occurred when I left my work as a bus driver. But only, probably since this dream, have I become comfortable being in the kitchen.

Don’t misinterpret me. I never really minded being in the kitchen. But somewhere in the last part of 2015, I change my approach to things in the kitchen. I became far more willing to experiment with ingredients and various approaches to meal preparation.

But back to the dream, in the dream, I experienced that Mary was more directly involved with the guests. Want to know something? That is exactly what has happened in our actual lives.

When we have guests at the house, she is interacting with them, while I am taking care of things for the meal. Kind of weird to think of it that way, because the roles used to be inverse.

Some might disparage the role reversal. Some might praise it. Me, it’s just part of who I am becoming. I don’t begrudge it. Because I get to be creative, I enjoy it.

In the dream, there was a man “complaining about the manner in which I was working with the dish”.

I have no clue if this represents an actual person or simply a dream embodiment of criticism. But the point of the dream is that I told the critic to take a hike, because, as I wrote in the journal, he “was meddling in my kitchen”.

In the dream, that person was completely displeased with the manner in which I prepared and the way I cooked, and in a sense, the manner in which I managed my kitchen.

Importantly, I recorded that in the dream, the person wasn’t a cook, wasn’t an employee, and wasn’t a guest. In the dream, they were simply “meddling in my work, telling me how I was doing it all wrong”.

So someone who had no authority to complain was complaining. In essence, the background of their character gave no grounds for the validity of their displeasure. They were simply expressing their displeasure, for whatever reason.

The reality is that there are going to be those who think they can better manage my ‘kitchen’. Well, it’s not theirs. It’s mine. And they can feel free to take their criticism elsewhere.

However, what is important is that in the dream, the “restaurant and all the customers seemed quite pleased with everything that I was preparing”. For me, that transfers over to my actual life. When my family (the restaurant), and my wife Mary, and in the future my wife Rachel, and my children (my customers) are happy, then that is really all that matters.

In the dream, in the kitchen, I was the one working with the food, and taking care of all the cookware. Transfer that over into actual life, that is pretty much what I do.

In the dream, the kitchen was industrial, which means it had lots of counters, tables, cookware and other kitchenware instruments that would be found in like a professional business restaurant. People talk about “Grandma’s Cooking” well, I suppose that at some point, people are going to be talking about mine, calling it “Grandpa’s Cooking”.

Now, in the dream, it felt “like I had purchased someone else’s restaurant, or had otherwise acquired previously used industrial kitchen equipment.”

What that means specifically, I don’t know. How does that transfer over into my life? I’m not sure.

Does the kitchen refer to a person? Does the kitchen refer to a home?

Those are questions I don’t have answers to at this time. Perhaps in the coming months or years I will learn.

From these dreams, taking the second dream first, all I can say is that my dreams tell me that I am going to enjoy being with my two ladies.

From the first dream, I left my previous occupation (which was business, ministry, and education kind of all rolled into one) in order to enjoy the ‘summer’ of my life.

Summer? Summer is filled with golden sun. So will I be entering the “golden years” my ‘summer’ season? Seems possible.

I gave up my previous occupation to go to work in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, for without it nobody eats and nobody really gets to enjoy communing with loved ones and friends.

It’s mine. It’s what I want. It’s what I am preparing.

Even though there are difficult moments, my restaurant and my customers enjoy that which they are experiencing. For now, I simply wait for Rachel to visit my restaurant, take up a chair, experience the dining, and feel valued.

Blessings and Shalom