Installment 139

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I want to share some from my prayer from September 19, 2015 (Month 7 Day 5). I began with a blessing: Blessed are you Jehovah our God, Sovereign of the Cosmos, who gives meaning and purpose to everything. The Divine responded:


Then immediately continued:

But why?

I replied: For you are the author of life. The Divine responded:

Am I?

Okay, now wait. That is exactly what I have heard all my life. That the Divine is the author of life. So I replied: You are the great I AM. Didn’t you author life?

The Divine responded:


Wait! What!? That response goes against everything that I was taught. So it is important that the Divine added:

I spoke life.

Then continued:

There is a difference.

You want to know something? There is a difference.

Let me explain. I am authoringMy Story”. Readers read. But they are not hearers. Hearers hear what is spoken.

Creation was not penned into existence. Creation “heard” the Creator, and responded. In this case, the pen is not mightier than the spoken word. Let me make a parallel.

I have pennedMy Story”. I hope Rachel is reading my words. But I have not spoken to Rachel.

I have spokenMy Story” to Mary. But she has also read my words.

My life with Mary has changed. My life with Rachel… well, I have no choice but to trust in the Almighty.

The point is, we think that the creative nature of thought put into written words is what creates. It doesn’t.

The Divine did not write a letter to the unformed world dictating to it what was to be done. No.

The Divine spoke to the unformed world dictating what was to be done, the unformed world responded each time the Divine spoke.

Knowing that, then it is important to see how the Divine continued:

Do you speak life?

But that prayer really had me. I really had to think about the difference between the written word and the spoken word.

We have the expression “Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words will never hurt me.”

Guess what? According to the nature of the Divine, and since we are created in the similitude of the Divine, then we have to accept that spoken words are more powerful than anything physical, for from spoken words come life, or death (cf. Proverbs 18.21), but life is so much sweeter than death.

I offer one other thing the Divine conveyed about authorship versus the spoken word.

The Divine conveyed:

Authorship insinuates creativity that forges into fiction. I am not fiction, I am reality. Without me there is not even fiction.

I leave my reader to contemplate that reality.

I want to share a portion from my prayer from September 26, 2015 (Month 7 Day 12). I did not begin with a blessing. I simply stated: Father, I am here. Later in the prayer, the Divine conveyed:

Now consider this:

As so many times previously, this is something that the Divine wants me to contemplate and ponder, to think on about its importance.

The Divine continued:

yonder plant is tender still.

For me, this ‘plant’ could refer to something else, but because of my experiences, I deduce that the plant refers to Rachel.

The Divine continued:

Looks forward on yonder hill.

This seems to indicate that Rachel, while a tender being, is looking from her abode, wherever that is, and looks from her location to a hill in the distance. That hill could be an actual place, or that hill could be metaphoric.

The Divine continued:

Look for light, and sees a fright,

Rachel, being a tender being, saw something on that hill in the distance. She was looking for light, which could either be a brightness in the distance or illumination to understand the hill. But for whatever reason as she gazed she was alarmed about what she saw.

The Divine continued:

tucked away into the night,

I take that to mean that she was looking at the hill in the distance during the night, and observed something happen(?) on that hill that caused her some anxiety. While the night continued, she did not allow that anxiety to overly bother her, she pushed it aside.

The Divine continued:

the night it crawls before the falls,

Even though she saw a fright, the passing of the night moved slowly, inching itself along, making slow progress toward dawn.

Interestingly, there is something about “before the falls”. Considering what comes next “falls” could refer to a waterfall, but it could also refer to “tears” that fall.

The Divine continued:

down to the ground falls like rain,

This is why I don’t think it is a waterfall, but referring to tears, because of the use of the simile “like”. Whatever “falls down” is compared to rain. I notice that it is not a storm of heavy rain, but neither is it described as mist. What is important is it falls like rain.

The Divine continued:

the rain waters the ground,

That is exactly what rain does. But what is the ground? Since this seems more metaphoric than actual, the question is what is the ground referring to? Her heart? Her life? I don’t know.

The Divine continued:

makes it slesh with sound,

Okay, I freely admit that I spelled the word “slesh” as it sounded in my spirit, a type of onomatopoeia. But when one walks on the ground during or after a rain, there is a “sleshing” sound. It’s not water running on the ground, nor is it a slush of thawing ice and snow. Weird. Anyway.

The Divine continued:

nourishment it needs for life to be.

Yet this is what matters, whatever fell to the ground was needed in order for nourishment. So if the ground was her heart or her life, whatever fell, that falling thing was needed in order to bring nourishment to her.

The Divine continued:

Rain is good, never bad, even floods bring forth life from the dead,

Okay, that is a strong image, painting that even floods can bring forth life. Look, I know that floods also take life. Sometimes life is truly taken by the flood where both human and animal are trying to survive. But sometimes life is taken because the person is not wise in handling the flood, but that is for another discussion.

The image that I take from this is that before damns were constructed to control flooding, floods actually brought needed nutrients and life to the river basin. It’s counterintuitive because humanity enjoys dwelling as close to the water as possible, but floods did bring life.

In that sense, whether a light rain or a flood, it was always good. The ancients sure seemed to think so, because they depended on seasonal floods to bring nutrients to their fields, giving life to an otherwise unproductive field.

The Divine continued:

my son,

With this, the Divine changed direction. The Divine continued:

you know where you’re going,

Even back there, when I was struggling, I could tell where I was going, I was simply trying to change that if it was possible. I came to accept that it was not going to change. I had given myself and my marriage to the Divine.

But in that prayer it is important that the Divine conveyed:

today is still today,

As with other time elements, I came to understand that ‘today’ did not always refer to the actual 24-hour day upon which the prayer occurred. Instead, the ‘today’ of the prayer was referring to the today that is occurring prior to ‘tomorrow’ the day in which I finally meet Rachel.

With that in mind, it is important that the Divine continued:

so take your rest and merriment today, for morrow breaks on winter’s day, cold it might be, but doesn’t have to be.

That means that I have been told to take it easy while ‘today’ is ‘today’ because when ‘tomorrow’ arrives things will require me in a whole new way, a good way, but rest, at least up front, probably will not be as plentiful as it currently is.

What I find of interest is that the Divine conveyed that “morrow breaks on winter’s day”. It could be that ‘winter’ is a metaphoric season, because the situation could be cold.

But I don’t think that is what ‘winter’ refers to. I think ‘winter’ refers to the actual season.

It could have referred to the winter season of 2015/2016. But I don’t think it did. Why? I have written here in “My Story” I wasn’t ready. I am now ready.

So the winter season of this year begins December 21, 2016 and lasts through March 19, 2017. For me, I consider, I ponder, I wonder, I contemplate, is this coming season the one in which I meet Rachel?

Usually, December 21 is not as cold as a late day in January or in early February, but either way, December 21 can be cold, cold enough that snow accumulates, and many dream of a white Christmas.

So, it might very well be a cold winter’s day when I meet Rachel, but since God has been leading my life to this moment, the joy of seeing it come to pass, finally meeting her, far exceeds any cold or chill of air that might be.

I just need to have ready a hot cup of cocoa.

Blessings and Shalom