My Divorce

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On March 27, 2017 I published the Facebook Note “Changes” and notified everyone about Mary and me choosing to obtain a divorce.

As of today (June 1, 2017), I am publishing a new series explaining our decision. It has Mary’s involvment, receiving her contributive considerations and thoughts, but the series is written from my perspective.

I doubt the series will answer all questions, but I do hope that it provides some answers, explaining that while Mary and I are divorced we are not ending our personal relationship and why we have chosen to govern our personal relationship differently.

Facebook Note “Changes”

    – Limitations
    – Purpose
    – Self-Interest
    – Direction

    – Overview
    – ‘marriage’
    – SCECS
    – SCECS Accepted Marriage
    – “Traditional Marriage”
    – Various

    – Who We Were
    – What We Discovered
    – Where We’re Going

Anthropological Aspects of the West:
    – The Personal Relationship and the Private Contract
    – Ecclesiastics and the Private Contract
    – SCECS and the Private Contract
    – A Civil Contract Is A Private Contract
    – Comparing the SCECS A.M. to the Private Contract
    – Who Governs the Private Contract?
    – A Private Contract Strengthens A Personal Relationship
    – SCECS A.M., Divorce, and the Private Contract
    – Conclusion

Anthropological Aspects of the Bible:
    – Ancient ‘scecs’ And The Bible: An Introduction
    – Ancient ‘scecs’ and The Royal-Vassal Contract (Covenant)
    – Ancient ‘scecs’ and The Private Contract
    – Ancient ‘scecs’ and Ecclesiastical Understanding
    – Ancient ‘scecs’ Influence Biblical Understanding
    – Conclusion

Considering Lingual Aspects of the English
    – Modern Definitions of “husband” and of “wife”
    – Archaic Definitions of “husband” and of “wife”
    – Understanding Archaic English Terms
    – Biblical Use of Archaic English Terminology
    – Conclusion

Considering Lingual Aspects of the Bible
    – English Bibles Retain Archaic Terms
    – Translation and Terminology
    – Hebrew Terminology
    – More Hebrew Terminology
    – Even More Hebrew Terminology
    – Greek Terminology
    – More Greek Terminology
    – Even More Greek Terminology
    – Conclusion

Thoughts about the New Testament,
Personal Relationship, and Private Contract
    – The Complexity of Matthew 19.1-12
    – Matthew 19.6b – Let Not Man Put Asunder
    – Matthew 19.1-12, Prohibitions, Permissions, & Divorce
    – Matthew 19.1-12 and English Terminology
    – Matthew 19.1-12 and the SCECS A.M.
    – Matthew 19.1-12 – What Governs the PR?
    – Matthew 19.6b – Did Not “Put Asunder” So Why Divorce?
    – English Terminology Matters – Generality vs. Specificity
    – Personal Relationship Governance Requires Consent
    – Rom. 13.1, 1Cor. 7.20-21 – Relation to the SCECS A.M., PR, & PC

    – Reflecting On The Events
    – Reflecting On The Terminology
    – Reflecting On The Divorce And The Private Contract