Introduction: Purpose

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When I published on Facebook my note “Changes” back on March 27, 2017, I began contemplating how to put in writing the reason for what occurred.

Our decision was not arrived at hastily, because over the course of many years Mary and I discussed the future of our relationship and who defines, develops, provides understanding to, and stipulates what our accountabilities and responsibilities are within our personal relationship.

Admittedly there are those who are curious and would like to understand more about what happened. As such, I know that I have much to cover and much to discuss. It is lengthy, detailed, and I feel this will most assuredly challenge many readers. I will do my best to be thorough, giving explanations, as best I can, to the actions that Mary and I have taken.

For those who are curious, I, Raymond Harris, have written this work, but this material has been reviewed, edited, corrected, and received suggestions for improvement and clarity from Mary.

For me, writing this material reminds me of when I wrote my paper “Answering: Why?” providing my reasons for my departure from my religious heritage.

Why does this material remind me of that paper?

Because, in essence, this explains why I divorced myself from (departed from) the SCECS Accepted Marriage in order to establish a Private Contract.

A note for my reader, for now I utilize the acronym SCECS and the term SCECS Accepted Marriage knowing that my reader doesn’t know what they mean, but in due course I will identify and define SCECS and SCECS Accepted Marriage.

For the reader who wonders, I pronounce SCECS with a short e, and I pronounce the c’s as k’s; giving: skeks.

Returning to my thoughts, it feels like there are multiple factors that led Mary and me to the decision to terminate our SCECS Accepted Marriage.

However, I will narrow my discussion to some factors that I believe are the most critical for moving to the decision to terminate the SCECS Accepted Marriage in order to establish a Private Contract.

Critics and Detractors will say that I am justifying my decisions and actions. Categorically, I am not justifying myself. Instead, I am explaining my actions which are influenced by many factors.

But I feel certain that my Critics and Detractors will not accept that. I sense that is true because experience had shown me that they already have judged me before hearing out the discussion.

But to the point, why did I divorce myself from the SCECS Accepted Marriage?

Through research, study, and experience I came to see that SCECS has its perspective, as well as governance and influence on the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

Additionally, it seems that some accept that SCECS affects the SCECS Accepted Marriage, and/or accept that SCECS is proper in governing and influencing a personal relationship.

Therefore, the functional effect is that SCECS is permitted to have controlling influence upon the participants of the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

The influence and impact of SCECS upon the SCECS Accepted Marriage is something that will be discussed throughout this material, and that influence is a reason why I divorced and separated myself from the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

However, and importantly, the SCECS Accepted Marriage is not the only avenue for individuals to govern their personal relationship.

After having examined portions of anthropological Western history, along with studying Biblical history, and after experiencing the SCECS climate about the SCECS Accepted Marriage, for me personally, I am no longer convinced the SCECS Accepted Marriage is something that is helpful for governing my personal relationship.

The purpose of my series is to explain why.