AAOTW: The PR & the PC

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Anthropological Aspects of the West:
The Personal Relationship and the Private Contract

Western history is filled with ideas about the personal relationship. It is filled with stories about romance, and tales about real legal struggle.

The issue is: what is the personal relationship?

Well, it all depends upon whom answers the question, and depends upon when they lived, and depends upon where they lived.

What I have come to understand is that the ecclesiastical understanding of the personal relationship, while quite specific as to what it believes is biblical, actually varies depending upon the section of Christianity, and it seems that each section prefers to focus primarily upon certain aspects of the Scriptures. Later, I will discuss some aspects of the Bible in greater detail.

Depending upon where one researches, one will find a vast amount of information about the personal relationship as it relates to development in the Western World. I am not here to present each and every development of the personal relationship because that is not the focus of my material.

The main issue is that, based upon our current place in Western history (2017), it can be stated that for most of Western history the personal relationship was a private matter, primarily between families, governed by a Private Contract.

That is known because the practice of obtaining a license/certificate for marriage is a relatively late development within Western History. What we have come to accept as the primary means of licensing/certifying a marriage is based upon a development of the last 500-600 years.

There are, of course, reasons for this.

The primary reason being that upon filing their license/certificate, the individuals will be recognized as one legal entity, functioning as “husband and wife”.

Another reason is that the license/certificate allows for legal name changes, and allows for SCECS to trace ancestry through official documentation.

But prior to the last 500-600 years, the prevalent concept was that families privately contracted with each other, allowing their offspring to become a personal relationship for developing a new family.

Yet, as Western History has developed, families and entities within SCECS have become increasingly involved with the development of the SCECS Accepted Marriage, and in doing so we have lost the concept of the relationship being personal, being governed by a Private Contract.