Thoughts about the NT, PR, & PC: PR Governance Requires Consent

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Thoughts about the New Testament, Personal Relationship, and Private Contract:
Personal Relationship Governance Requires Consent

Interestingly, when Mary and I went into our SCECS Accepted Marriage, we did so with many assumptions about how our personal relationship was governed.

The biggest assumption was that we thought we governed our personal relationship.

Here’s what we know now, but didn’t know then.

When we utilized the SCECS Accepted Marriage, we were utilizing a document influenced by the SCECS within the United States that allowed a bevy of families and entities within SCECS to provide the Social, Cultural, Electorate, Church, and State definitions, developments, and understandings into our personal relationship, by placing accountabilities and responsibilities onto each of us through the SCECS Accepted Marriage, a legal document that the families and entities within SCECS encouraged us to obtain.

Once I learned more about Western anthropological history, Biblical history, and the Private Contract, I sought to terminate my association with the SCECS Accepted Marriage, which for me had to be done by filing a petition for divorce.

That petition was not to separate myself from Mary.

Instead, that petition was filed and the divorce was granted in order to divorce our personal relationship from the third party oversight that utilized the SCECS Accepted Marriage to govern our personal relationship.

Importantly, in the United States, one is not required to participate in the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

The SCECS Accepted Marriage is certainly the cultural normative, but that cultural norm is not required for individuals to work together in a personal relationship.

That is an observable truth.

However, there is another observable truth.

If/when one is in a long term personal relationship and that personal relationship does not participate in the SCECS Accepted Marriage, then families and entities within SCECS will make known their personal assessment about that personal relationship not being governed by the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

That is one of the prices that must be paid for one to have direct control over the definitions, developments, and understandings of their own personal relationship, where they directly control the accountabilities and responsibilities of those within the Private Contract.

Counterintuitively, the Bible does not define, develop, and/or provide an understanding of which cultural normatives God prefers, or which accountabilities and responsibilities of the individuals within the Private Contract God prefers.

That is known because the Private Contract in the days of Abraham was different than in the days of the Kingdom of Israel, and the Private Contract was different during the time of the New Testament writings.

However, and importantly, the Private Contract, to the surprise of many, is not governed by God, but by individuals.

That means that while God could join together a man and a woman, how that man and that woman choose to interact with each other is in their purview, because God has granted them that right to negotiate between themselves the course of their life.

That means that when families and/or entities within SCECS compel the SCECS Accepted Marriage, then cultural normatives are being compelled, and in some circumstances being compelled as if those cultural normatives were governed by God.

Since, the United States permits the Private Contract, what I sought was another legal means of governing my personal relationship, which provides Mary and me a lawful means to interact as individuals.

Therefore, I will address something that some will find difficult to accept.

When Mary and I obtained the license/certificate for our SCECS Accepted Marriage, we thought we were contracting with each other.

We did contract with each other, but that was through personal vows, and we kept those vows for the duration of our SCECS Accepted Marriage.

But vows are not the same thing as a Personal Contract.

To state the issue another way, the concept of the SCECS Accepted Marriage and the license/certificate for the SCECS Accepted Marriage are there with the permission of the consent of the governed.


Because the Electorate shapes and influences the elected officials who write the certificate/license for the SCECS Accepted Marriage, which then governs the participants of the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

As one governed, I learned that the SCECS Accepted Marriage did not give me direct governance over my personal relationship.

As one governed, I no long give my consent to be governed by the SCECS Accepted Marriage.

Therefore, I removed myself from being governed by that legal document.


Because I give my consent to be governed by a Private Contract, a different, yet legal, document by which I want my personal relationship governed.