15. My thoughts are images that I have made.

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the lessons are beginning to become strenuous, but that is okay.

my thoughts are images that i have made.

the images my mind sees are thoughts that i made.

my mind sees the images i have made, so my mind thinks that i see these images.

contrary to expectations, that is why my mind cannot recognize my thought images for what they are – nothing, imaginations of my mind’s thoughts, in essence a misperception.

that is not actually “seeing” reality.

reality is when i begin “seeing” that light makes like an outline around an object.

that is when my mind is not making images, but actually “seeing” that there is more.

“seeing” the light outline does not give me knowledge of the object, but does help my mind be ready to receive knowledge about the object.

this computer is an image that i have made.
this car is an image that i have made.
this building is an image that i have made.

objects, they are.

objects, imagined by my mind, yet surrounded by light.