29. God is in everything I see.

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29. god is in everything i see.

in order to “see” purpose in every thing, i must learn to “see” god in every thing.

but, therein lies an issue: how do i “see” god in every thing, when every thing is not god?

admittedly, it is difficult to “see” god in horrible events, tragic events, deadly events, even if a natural event like takes life.

therefore, the hurdle for this lesson can be significant. is god able to be “seen” in every thing?

like the book, i also postulate yes, god can be “seen” in every thing, but only when i can “see” that god is in every thing.

that itself helps establish why every thing is connected, and no thing and no person is truly isolated from any thing or any one else.

for example:
life and death are connected;
sun and moon are connected;
earth and sea are connected;
parents and children are connected;
humanity and all earth life are connected;
humanity and spirituality are connected.

importantly, the thought: “god can be ‘seen’ in every thing, but only when i can ‘see’ that god is in every thing” also helps establish why i do not “see” meaning in things. why? because in the past i didn’t “see” god in every thing, therefore i interpreted things as having no meaning, thus meaningless, which itself is a creation of my own thoughts and my own sights, which means i also can feel that i have no meaning.

therefore when i begin to “see” god in every thing, no matter how difficult it might be to “see” god in that thing, my “seeing” is changed and purpose is found, and meaninglessness is lost.

importantly, “seeing” god in every thing is the foundation for learning to “see” that things have meaning beyond what i have assigned to them or the meaning that others have assigned to things.

in order to “see” god in every thing, i must learn to “see” that every thing has a purpose within the cosmos, that which the creator created.

to “see” the creator (god) in every thing requires my efforts in three ways.

one, to be open minded about being able to “see” god in every thing.

two, to learn to appreciate that the creator can be “seen” in every thing, even the most difficult of things.

three, to “see” every thing with love, especially since the scriptures declare that god, the creator, is love, and from that love the creator must have created things for a loving purpose, even if/when humanity fails to understand or maintain that love.

the concept is to obtain the ability to “see” the holiness, the sacredness, of and within every thing, even though that can be a difficult thing to accomplish, especially as it relates to difficult topics.

consider the following:
god is in the computer;
god is in the car;
god is in the building.

god is in the music;
god is the ideas;
god is in the words.

god is in the politics;
god is in the religion;
god is in the money.

it has been said that “the devil is in the details” but to “see” i must learn to “see” that “god is in the details”, which in-and-of itself changes the way in which i “see”.

changing the aphorism from focusing on the devil to focusing on god, the details themselves are now seen through a different lens, giving a different way of “seeing”.

reflectively, in the past, i have “seen” every thing with my own eyes, or through the eyes of other humans.

now, i want to “see” god in every thing, which means that honorable, loving, sacredness can exist not only in the computer, the car, and the building but also in music, ideas, and words; but also that honorable, loving, sacredness can exist in politics religion, and money; which means that honorable, loving, sacredness can exist in sexuality; emotionality, family.

with that then, i should begin to find peace in my thoughts and my sights, because i am beginning to “see” a purpose to all that exists.