37. My holiness blesses the world.

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37. my holiness blesses the world.

this lesson builds significantly upon the previous two lessons.

since my mind is part of god’s mind and because god’s holiness makes me holy (lesson 35), and because my holiness envelops every thing i see (lesson 36), then my holiness blesses the world (lesson 37).

in other words, because i am in god and god is in me and there is no separation between god and me, then because god the creator is holy i am also holy and in being holy i bring holiness to the life i am living and that holiness affects not only my mind and thoughts, that holiness affects my actions and interactions with the world around me, and therefore my holiness brings good to the world just as god the creator brought good to me.

therefore, that gives me an idea of what my purpose is in the world, part of the reason why my life exists.

part of that purpose is to “see” and to interact with the world through the holiness that is in me.

from that then, i send forth goodness (blessings) and receive goodness in return, where i benefit and the world benefits from me when i understand that my mind, my thoughts, are reside in god and are given by god.

from the scriptural perspective, god gives the desires of the heart, meaning that it is god who installs and instills in the person that which they are to be and desire.

that is reflected upon in the new testament with the thought of: shall the thing formed say to the one that formed it: why have you made me like this?

that which is formed does not have control over how it was formed, which is why it is the potter, not the clay, that has the power to form the clay.

it seems that i have always heard that examined in a negative way, like as humans we have no control over what god created us to be, and that is to be lamented.

but according to these lessons, the point is to learn to “see” how the potter, god the creator, has made me, the clay, and since that potter is holy and has created me then i too must be a holy vessel created for a holy purpose, even if/when used in a dishonorable way.

consider that all vessels made by the creator are holy because they are created by a holy being, but not all holy vessels are created for the same purpose.

for instance, while all vessels are holy, some holy vessels are created to be gold goblets, while some holy vessels are created to be chamber pots.

which vessel is more holy? neither, both are holy because they are created by a holy creator; but each vessel is created for its own purpose, the chamber pot looks dishonorable against the gold goblet, until one realizes that the chamber is created for a holy purpose because no one is going to use the gold goblet as a chamber pot and as a goblet. is the chamber pot dishonorable? only in the eyes of “unseeing” humanity, because to the humans that “see” each vessel is a vessel of honor created for a unique purpose, as such each vessel brings blessings to the world, because both vessels are needed; therefore each vessel is craftfully and wonderfully made.

in that situation, both vessels win, and those associated with those vessels win, because the vessel knows its purpose and the vessel is appreciated for its holy (separate and set apart) purpose.

in other words, the chamber pot is not disgusting, it is welcomed and appreciated, because it is needed for a purpose, and was created for a purpose, a purpose much different than the gold goblet, but the chamber pot ws still created for a purpose.

sadly, we tend to want to be a gold goblet, “seeing” it as more valuable, but it is not more valuable because it is gold. value is derived in fulfilling purpose, when each vessel fulfills its purpose it is valuable.

but that is the different way of “seeing” things.

therefore both the chamber pot and the gold goblet have equal value, when measured against each needing to fulfill their purpose, which means the only time either are not valuable is when they are not used for their created purpose.

what is difficult to “see” is that i might be created as a chamber pot or i might be created to be a gold goblet or i might be created as some thing else entirely.

but here is the thing, if my happiness depends upon me fulfilling my purpose, irrespective of honor or dishonor, then i have to find my purpose and fulfill that purpose. but i have to “see” that honor and dishonor are figments of imagination of the human mind as the mind separated from god “sees” things.

as such, when god the creator creates a chamber pot, the creator creates something holy, which is designated for a specific use, something that is fulfilled because it is frequently used, whereas the gold goblet is stored away and receives its fulfillment only a specific special occasions. both vessels and moments are holy, but they are not the same, and since the creator created both vessels neither vessel is exalted above the other for both are created for a specific purpose.

the goal of me “seeing” is “seeing” my purpose from the perspective of the mind of god, because i “see” that my mind is part of god’s mind.

simply consider that the chamber pot brings blessings to those who need it in the middle of the night, and thus brought salvation to the one who needed that chamber pot, providing needed aid to their moment; therefore both the chamber pot and the one are blessed, the chamber pot fulfills its purpose assisting the one, both are blessed, neither loses.

but that is a different way of “seeing” things.

so consider the following:
my holiness blesses the computer;
my holiness blesses the car;
my holiness blesses the building.

my holiness blesses music;
my holiness blesses ideas;
my holiness blesses words.

my holiness blesses politics;
my holiness blesses religion;
my holiness blesses money.

my holiness blesses sexuality;
my holiness blesses emotionality;
my holiness blesses family.

my holiness blesses my personality;
my holiness blesses my mentality;
my holiness blesses my physicality.

my holiness blesses personal relationships;
my holiness blesses marriage;
my holiness blesses personal problems.

as such, my holiness blesses you, my reader.

fulfilling one’s purpose is crucial to finding happiness, and brings a type of salvation to one’s self.

since god, the creator, is holy, then fulfilling one’s purpose is holy, accepting that god creates vessels for holy purposes, according to the way the creator “sees”.