42. God is my strength. Vision is His gift.

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42. god is my strength. vision is his gift.

some background. i often refer to god as the creator. i know that many have issues with the masculine gender pronoun ‘his’. i am working with a book that is not authored by me, i simply work with material without criticizing its presentation.

for me, i would reword the lesson title:
the creator is my strength. vision is the creator’s gift.

from that reworked title i will present my thoughts.

the lesson:
the creator is my strength. vision is the creator’s gift.

in other words, my strength comes from the creator, and the creator gives to me vision, the ability to “see”.

that thought will be examined during this lesson, in which the lesson title sets and establishes a profound thought.

one, my personal, internal, spiritual, emotional, financial, or whatever else, strength does not come from either me or from others. my strength, all of my strength, comes from the creator, the one who gave to me life.

two, since the creator gave me life, and because the creator gives me all my strength, then i can understand that the creator also gives me my vision, my ability to “see”.

the first is the cause, the second is the effect.

one, because the creator gave me life and gives me strength, the effect is that the creator gives me the ability to “see”, to vision, and envision.

conceptually, that is not difficult. in actuality, in practicality, it is more difficult.

why? understanding a concept is one thing. embodying that concept is another.

for the believer, it seems spiritually reasonable to conclude that life comes from the creator, and that the creator imbues the creator with strength, as in power. from that then, the believer can make the connection that since the creator did that (gave life and strength) then the creator also gives vision.

but, there in lies a difficulty. believers accept that the creator gave noah a vision, as well as abraham, issac, jacob, joseph, even moses, or jesus, as well as paul, and others.

however, believers have difficulty believing that the creator would give them vision, the ability to see. why? because of the manner in which the history of the visions from the creator have been taught.

the history has been taught that the creator empowers only a select few to receive the power of vision, not the many. therefore many believers believe they are part of the many without vision.

counter to that, this lesson teaches that because the creator gave life and strength, the creator therefore gives vision.

for the lesson, that is not questionable concept. instead, the concept not only true, but is also tangible and real, and therefore the ability to “see” is a gift that the creator gives every one who believes that they have been given the power to “see”.

odd? spiritually, not really. but challenging for many.

therefore, it becomes possible to “see” things differently, to “see” things as the creator wants me to “see” them, or as the creator wants my reader to “see” them.

the issue is that for many is expectation, expecting that every person will “see” the same. difficulty is that is a presupposition on the part of humanity, making the assumption that the creator expects every one to “see” the same.

therefore to “see” that the power of vision is given from the creator is to accept that “vision” and “sight” are not necessarily the same for each person.

but that is not necessarily so difficult when it is accepted that one’s life is not an accident, but a purposeful placement within time and space.

that means that the creator gave life to me, and you my reader, at the proper time, and placed each of us at the proper place in the proper time.

accepting that then, it becomes possible to “see” that the creator gives strength and vision, the ability to both do and “see” what needs to be.

in other words, i and my reader cannot but help to be in the right place at the right time.

vision must be possible, because the creator gives truly.

that means the following:
the creator’s gifts of strength and vision must be gifts to me, specifically for me, because the creator has gifted strength and vision to me, because the creator has gifted to me life.

that means that the creator’s gift of strength and vision permits me to:
use the computer;
use the car;
use the building.

listen to music;
listen to and/or read ideas;
listen to and/or read words.

observe and/or participate in politics;
observe and/or participate in religion;
spend and/or utilize money.

observe and/or participate in sexuality;
observe and/or participate in emotionality;
observe and/or participate in family.

interact with my personality;
understand my mentality;
use my physicality.

interact and work with my personal relationships;
interact and work within my marriage;
interact and work with my personal problems.


because the creator has given to me life, strength, and vision to engage all aspects of life.