50. I am sustained by the Love of God.

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50. i am sustained by the love of god.

as with previous lessons, i work with the book as it is without judging it, but i will rephrase the lesson title: i am sustained by the love the creator.

in other words: the creator’s love sustains me.

how is that possible?

some background, since i have been raised up in christendom, this idea is not new to me, in the sense that i was led to understand that no matter where i went, no matter what occurred to me that the creator and the love from the creator would sustain me, strengthening me, giving me support to approach, endure, and/or overcome any particular moment.

when i was a youth my approach to life with far less cognitive and far less contemplative about the manner in which the creator did things and how i interrelated with those things.

since about my 40th birthday, i have been experiencing life in a far different manner, learning much of the content of these lessons (lesson 1-50), although in the previous lesson, i freely admitted that i have difficulty understanding it all.

but what i have learned has been tremendously helpful, learning that it is the creator, and not myself, that sustains, and learning that sustaining is sourced in the creator’s love for creation, of which i am part.

the lesson is the change of perception: changing from the perception that i do not sustain myself and the world and what the world offers cannot sustain me, changing to the perception that the creator is the source that sustains me.

in making that perception change, i will be able to confront each problem that is before me, and i will find success.

in essence, i have a choice: either i will place my faith in things that fail, or i will place my faith in things that do not fail.

things that fail: people, family, education, occupation, retirement, earthly symbols, leaders and leadership, neighbors, nations, people liking me, people accepting me, my affluence (money), my influence to lead others, et cetera; the list is as long as human history and as wide as the human condition and experience.

yet we hold to those items because they help us understand ourselves. we define ourselves by what we do, define ourselves by what we’ve been educated in, define ourselves by our family, our affluence (wealth and money), or our ability to influence or be influenced by others, et cetera, the list goes on.

all of those things serve as mechanisms by which we understand ourselves, and in them we believe, and in them we find love. but, as each thing fails us, we lose our ability to feel love and therefore lose trust, because we find that these things will not sustain the interior needs of our person – the need to feel sustained, protected, and loved.

we, as humans, place our faith and trust in those things; in our core, we know we should not, but we do anyway, hoping that the next thing is better, and hoping the next thing won’t fail us. sadly, the cycle repeats, and can lead not just to heartache but also to despair.

so what is needed is a change of perception. the change of perception?

coming to the perception, the vision, the enlightenment if one will, that all of those human things serve as replacements for the creator’s love

coming to the perception, the vision, the enlightenment if one will, that the only thing that can be in all challenges, in all circumstances, in all places, in all events, in all trials, in all tragedies, in all triumphs, is the creator’s love.

the creator’s love provides the ability to face the challenges.
the creator’s love exists in all circumstances.
the creator’s love lives in all places.
the creator’s love resides in all events.
the creator’s love provides the ability to face all trials.
the creator’s love endures in all tragedies.
the creator’s love rejoices in all triumphs.

the strength of human will is an illusion.
the strength of human power is an illusion.
the strength of human influence is an illusion.

humanity is frail, weak, and limited.
therefore humanity is incapable of sustaining my internal person, not continually, not persistently, not lovingly.

but eternal calm is found in the creator’s love.
it is that calm that is permitted to all creation, made especially for each human, whether me or my reader.

because humanity fails, then eternal calm cannot be found within or in humanity.

therefore i should not place my faith in illusions, things sourced in humanity, because humanity and its illusions will fail, and will fail me as a person.

however, i should still give to humanity my faith.

but i should not give to humanity the faith i should have in the creator.

so where is the creator’s love that allows me to have faith in the creator?

short answer: within me, and within you.

the longer answer: the creator’s unfailing love and eternal calm is inside each person.

therefore the creator’s unfailing love and eternal calm is inside my person, inside my being, inside my heart, inside my mind; thus fully inside my interior self, the part of me that i know exists but have difficulty identifying.

since the creator has chosen to reside within each person, then i can “see” that the creator is within my self, as such the creator is not far from me.

since the creator is near and close, then the creator is willing to aide me in times of need, and will provide an answer to that which is confronting me.

accepting those as true, and accepting new perception, then i can begin to “see” a truth about myself: the creator being within me allows me to leave the illusions, and leave the idols that have taken my attention and devotion, and leave behind those things that fail to sustain me.

for instance
it is not the computer, the car, or the building that sustains me.

it is not the music, the ideas, or the words that sustain me.
it is not the politics, the religions, or the money that sustain me.

it is not sexuality, emotionality, or family that sustains me.
it is not my personality, my mentality, my physicality that sustains me.

it is not my mother, my father, my boss, my co-worker, my spouse, my lover, my friend, my enemy, or my neighbor that sustains me.

each and every one of those things can and will fail, because they are filled with humanity, and humanity is limited.

the internal, eternal, need within the human far exceeds the abilities of limited humanity.

that does NOT make humanity bad or evil.

instead it simply demonstrates that humanity is limited, and establishes that the internal, eternal, need needs more than what the limited can provide.

therefore the change of perception is that the internal, eternal, needs are sustained by the love of the creator, the eternal.

therefore the creator’s love sustains me, and can sustain you, my reader, giving you and me a resting place, a place of eternal calm within the creator’s love, giving to each of us the specific things needed for our individual circumstance and events leading us to experience calm and triumph.